November 18, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, mid 40’s, almost divorced, educated, and his long term long is marriage.

When I booked the appointment with him he said he was divorced but his divorce will not be final until after the first of the year. I quickly realized he is not emotionally available to start dating.
I said “It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now and I think my service will work better for you once your divorce is a done deal. I also think you need a little more time to adjust to being single.”
He said “You probably know better than I do about that, but I have to start somewhere. A friend of mine worked with you several years ago and he suggested I give you a call.”

He has two grade school children and they are his first priority.
He said “I hate that they have to go through this but one thing my wife and I agree on is to make it as easy as possible for the kids. We are both good parents.”

He is a very good looking man and he said that’s not all it’s cracked up to be.
He said “I can be minding my own business and some guy’s girl makes eye contact with me and the next thing I know the guy is in my face accusing me of hitting on his girl. It happens all the time.”

He enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, working out, reading, basketball, hockey, and he is a big Bronco fan.

He agreed he would call me when the holidays are over and his divorce is final.
He said “I already feel better about dating knowing that you are going to help me.”

My second appointment is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, highly educated, retired, ABS (always been single) and her long term goal is marriage.

I said “You have been retired since you were in your early 40’s. How did you mange to retire so early?’
She said “My parents taught my siblings and me the value of saving and being financially responsible at a very early age. I started putting away for my retirement with my first paycheck and I have managed my money wisely.”
Her finance score is a “3”, on a scale of “0” to “10”, and a man who will be most compatible with her will also be very budget minded and financially responsible.

She enjoys snowshoeing, swimming, Pilates, arts and crafts, theater, concerts, and she loves to travel.
She said “My travel buddies keep getting married and I would really look forward to traveling with a special man in my life.”
She has been to Russia, Paris, Hawaii many times, Panama, Korea, and she lived in Germany for a couple of years. She would like to go to the Holy Lands, Switzerland and New Zealand.

She said “Intellectual compatibility is very important to me and I prefer a man who has a strong faith and would enjoy going to church with me.”
She is extremely easy going, a “9” on a scale of “0” to “10” and very ready for the right man to come into her life.
I look forward to helping her find him.

One of my clients called to tell me he recently met a lady that I tried to match him with a couple of months ago at a networking event. He had declined the match after he went to her Facebook page and saw her picture.
He said “She looked so much better in person and she has a great personality.”
Long story short, after she gave him a bit of a hard time about turning her down, she agreed to go out with him.
Just another reminder that you cannot count on a picture to determine if you will be attracted to someone. Take the time to meet them in person. Otherwise, you may never know the opportunity you could be missing.

To be continued…………………………………