November 28, 2014

Happy Holiday weekend! I am going to use this Friday as an opportunity to catch up and list brief profiles of some of the new clients at Perfectly Matched in the last two weeks:

1) A man, late 40’s, ABS (always been single), educated, his long term goal is marriage and he is open to having children.

He said “I know it is a little late in life to consider having children but I can see myself having children under the right circumstances.”
I said “What would those circumstances include?”
He said “Meeting a lady who I felt was right for me who also wants to have a child. I love kids. I always thought I would have them and I have not given up. I feel I am still young and healthy enough to be a good father.”

He enjoys skiing, exercising, hiking, yoga, cooking, movies, concerts, theater and he loves to travel.
He is a “news junkie” and avoids Fox News, a clear indication that he is a Democrat.

2) A lady, mid 40’s, divorced, educated and her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship and marriage is not out of the question.

She said “I don’t need to be married but if I was in love with a man who wanted to be married I would consider it.”

She enjoys cycling, working out, cooking, and does a lot of volunteer work in the community.
She is very open on her preferences. Her age preference is 40 to 56 and she is open to all races.
She said “I was a military brat and I learned at an early age that race and skin color don’t matter. It is the person who matters.”

3) A man, late 60’s, divorced, highly educated and his long term goal is “perhaps” marriage.

He said “I am not sure I see the necessity for marriage at this age but, never say never.”

He is very active and wants a lady who can keep p with him physically. He is passionate about mountain biking and back country skiing. He also enjoys running, weight lifting and has climbed a number of 14ers. He loves music, the theaters and concerts. He has an interest to do more traveling outside the country.

His age preference is 40 to 68 and he is also open to all races.

4) A lady, mid 30’s, ABS, educated and her long term goal is marriage and children.

She said “I was engaged in my last relationship and after four years he finally admitted he did not want to have kids. We had a good relationship but the understanding from the beginning was that we would have kids and I could not stay with a man I felt had betrayed me all those years by letting me think we would ultimately have a family.”

She has been meeting men on the internet and found it to be a waste of time.
She said “They all say they want a lady who is fit and athletic, which I am, but when I met them they were far from fit and athletic. They also put on pictures which were years younger and pounds lighter than they are today. I am tired of wasting my time and I am hoping your service will be more effective.”

She enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, volleyball, camping, four wheeling and being in the mountains.

5) A man, late 40’s, divorced, educated and his long term goal is marriage. He can go either way as far as having children.

He said “Do you think I am too old to have kids?”
I said “I have clients from their mid 20’s to their late 50’s who are still interested in having children. It doesn’t surprise me anymore and one of my favorite matches was a man who was in his early 50’s when he came to me and today he has two kids with a lady who is 15 years younger than him. They send me a Christmas card every year of them, the kids and the dog!”

He enjoys camping, fishing, golf, hiking and most any warm weather activities. He loves to travel and has been all over the world when he was in the military.
He plans to go to Europe next year hopes he will have a special lady to join him.

Well, the beat goes on at Perfectly Matched and it has been a very busy November with no signs of slowing down considering the appointments I already have set for next week.
This year has been very different compared to the other 23 years, in that I am busier this holiday season than ever before. Usually people start settling in and wait to get through the holidays, which is why January is always my busiest month in business. I hope it continues because more activity means more matches for everyone.

If you are interested in how Perfectly Matched could work for you, please me give a call at 260-1000 and let’s see how many matches I have for you or you can start by taking the Profile test on my website at
It only takes one right one!

To be continued………….