October 1, 2013

My first appointment today is a man, early 40’s, divorced, self employed, and his long term goal is marriage.

He was married briefly in his 20’s and he raised his only child when that marriage ended.

He is tall and fit and enjoys working out at the gym, hiking, running, hanging out with friends, motorcycles, traveling, and sporting events. He has lived in Colorado Springs since he was a very young child and he is a big Bronco fan.

Because he is so tall, he prefers a lady who is at least 5’7.

He said “As far as age, I like a lady who is as close to my age as possible. 40 to 46 years old would be ideal.”
He agreed, however, that age would not matter if he is attracted to her.

At the end of the interview he said “I’m going to do this because I think you can help me find the right lady but I have to tell you, this makes me nervous.”
I said “I know you are a little shy but initially all you are agreeing to is meet someone for one hour and call me with your feedback. Once you do it once or twice, it will seem more natural.”

As he walked out my door, I thought most people would not look at this man and think he is shy.
In this business I have learned that anyone can be shy, even a tall, good looking, self confident man.

My second appointment is a lady, 50, educated, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage.
She was referred to me by a client who met and married her husband through Perfectly Matched in 2002. Marsha has sent me more referral business than anyone else. Everywhere she goes she talks about her handsome husband, how much she loves him, and how she met him.

This lady today is ready for the right man to come into her life.
She said “I have only had two significant relationships in my life, my ex-husband and the man I dated for several years after my marriage ended. It has taken me a few years to get back to the place where I feel like I can trust again and I believe there is someone out there who is right for me.”

She plays golf, enjoys hiking, skiing, some biking, gardening, concerts and live music. She does not have children but she loves kids and she is totally comfortable meeting men who have kids. She is a strong believer and she would like to meet a man who would go to church with her, at least occasionally.

She said “Marsha was so encouraging about you, and I like you. I am going to do this but I want to think about how many matches I want to purchase. I will call you when I have my schedule in front of me and arrange a time to come back and sign up.”

She took the Ideal Relationship form and all the other paperwork with her to complete.
She is a real sweetheart of a lady and I look forward to working with her.

BTW, the rancher and the young man I interviewed last week who both wanted to “think about it” did follow through. I already have the rancher matched and the younger man is coming back on Thursday.

It is hard to believe it is already October, especially with the weather we have had the last few days. The weather man says start looking for your winter coats by Friday. You know what that means, the holidays are just around the corner. Now is a great time to make your personal life a priority.
Call 260-1000 for your free consultation and let’s see how many matches I have for you!

To be continued…..