October 8, 2013

This is a testimonial from one of my favorite clients, Marsha. Jay was the first man I talked to her about in the interview and she said “That’s him! That’s the man I am going to marry.”
Three months later she did, and this is what she writes 11 and a half years later:

I met Donna through a friend. I didn’t sign up right away because I thought it was a silly thing to do. Boy, was I wrong. The first time I met Donna I knew I had met a friend for life. She is so warm and yet professional. She put me right at ease. I took her personality test and thought how could she possibly get to really know me with all of those questions. ( There are no right or wrong answers ). Then she described me to me. She was right on the money. I was impressed, after that I had to sign up. She gave Jay my name and number and he called a couple of days later, we decided to meet on March 6, 2002. The minute he peeked his head around the corner at Chili’s I knew he was the one I would marry. I know that sounds strange but I just knew. I don’t know how she does it. She knew before we did. He was the first one I met and I was the 8th one he met. He called me as soon as he got home from our first date and made another date. The rest is history, we were married June 6, 2002 three months later. We are both very practical people and yet this seemed like the only sensible thing to do. As Jay said, I lived in a different zip code and it was too far to drive. That was 11 and half years ago and I love him more today than I did the day we got married. I owe all of this to a very special lady, Donna Shugrue. I have lost track of how many people I have sent to Donna. I did not plan on getting married again and out of the blue he was standing in front of me. I don’t believe anyone wants to be alone and it does not matter what your age it is never too late to find that person that is perfect for you.

To be continued……