October 17, 2014

My first appointment this today is a man, late 30’s, educated, a military officer, ABS (always been single), his long term goal is marriage and he can go either way as far as having children. He plans to retire from the military and stay in Colorado Springs.

He said “I was raised in California but I have fallen in love with Colorado. I can see myself staying here indefinitely.”

He enjoys hiking, hunting, traveling, reading, movies and music. He also works out regularly and he is in great shape.
He said “PT every morning helps but I also enjoying weight lifting.”

He said “I prefer not to meet a lady who has kids. I have tried that several times and it just does not work for me. I love kids and that is a part of the problem. I get attached to them and they get attached to me. It makes it so much harder when the relationship ends.”
I said “Because you are open to having children, I don’t see that as a limiting factor.”

His age preference is 27 to 42. His height preference is 5’1 to 5’10 and he prefers a lady who does not have excessive tattoos or piercings.

His scores reflect that he is very easy going, a little shy, a bit traditional, affectionate but not smothering, a fairly strong believer and budget minded.

He said “I don’t care if the lady makes 80k or 20k, as long as she is responsible and lives within her means. In fact, I like teachers and I know they don’t make a lot of money.”

He is a really nice man, very good looking and he was impressed with the ladies I think are good matches for him.
He said “I never make a decision like this on the spot so I would like to think about it and call you back on Monday.”
I said “No problem, I never hard sell and you have a “think about it” temperament score.”
He said “I will call you either way.”
I am usually pretty good at guessing whether or not someone will follow through and I think he will.
He was still asking questions about a couple of ladies I talked to him about as he was walking out the door.

My second appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced and his long term goal is marriage.

He said “I am a strong Christian and I want to meet a lady who is also a strong believer.”
I said “That is reflected in the scores. I know the ladies who are stronge believers.”
He said “How can you tell from the scores?”
I said “It is really two “scores”, conformity and religion usually go hand in hand. If you think about it, it makes sense. If someone is traditional they will most likely be a strong believer. If they are nonconforming they will most likely be spiritual, as opposed to organized religion.”

He was married for over 30 years and once we started talking about the scores he tried guessing his ex-wife’s scores. It was a hilarious conversation because he guessed her score in each area and asked me to tell him what it would mean if she had each score. After we went through all six of what he “thought” would be her scores, he started shaking his head.
He said “You don’t even know my ex-wife and you just described her perfectly.”
I said “I just know the scores.”

He enjoys road trips, camping, dining out, cooking, movies, hiking with his dogs and he wants to travel.
He said “My ex-wife wouldn’t fly and I want to go on a cruise and maybe to Europe with someone special.”

At the end of the interview he said “I am going to do this, Donna, because I trust you and I have no idea how to date. You said you do more coaching and counseling than matchmaking and you will earn your money with me.”
I said “I love helping people out of long term marriages and relationships get back out there and start dating. It is fun to watch them evolve.”
He said “Well, I am ready to evolve.”

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To be continued………….