October 21, 2014

When a couple meets through Perfectly Matched they have both agreed through the information I share with them on the other person that they are interested in meeting.
I suggest they meet for about an hour, not lunch or dinner. They meet on neutral territory and at the end of the meeting they both agree to call me with their feedback.

I called to check my voicemail this morning and the first three messages were from clients with feedback on their first meeting with a match I arranged for them. The first two messages were from a couple who had just met each other. They met last night and ironically left their voice messages within two minutes of each other. I say ironically but it is surprising how often it happens when both people are excited. It is almost as though they are already on some kind of similar wave length. It was very uplifting for me to hear them both so enthusiastic about their meeting.

She said “I finally got to meet someone I really like! We met at Biaggi’s and had a glass of wine. It was awesome and I would love to see him again. Give me a jingle tomorrow and I hope he says the same thing.”
He said “You hit a homerun this time! We met at Biaggi’s and had a glass of wine. We talked for quite awhile and it was the most pleasant conversation I have ever had. I think you hit the nail on the head and I would definitely like to see her again. If you will please tell her that, that would be awesome.”
I called her first and got her voicemail. I left his feedback on her voicemail and asked her to call me back.
I called him and shared her feedback and he was very glad to hear it was mutual.
He said “This is what I love about your service, Donna, your personal involvement. You might discipline me sometimes but I know I deserve it and I know you have my best interest at heart. It was nice meeting someone my own age (they are both in their early 50’s). We look at things the same way and it was a great conversation. There was a comfort zone, no awkwardness and a good connection, so smooth.”
I had to smile when he said I “disciplined” him. I never think of it that way but sometimes you have to spell it out to help someone get the message.

The third message was feedback from a man in his early 40’s.
He said “I just met Melanie and I really like her a lot, everything. She is very pretty, sharp, smart, we have a lot in common and I can only hope she feels the same way because I definitely like her and I would definitely like to see more of her and get to know her a lot better.”
I called him and told him had I left a message for Melanie to call me with her feedback. I asked him if he thought she was interested and he said “She may have been, with some reservations.”
He explained something stressful had happened just before their meeting and it took him a few minutes to put it out of his mind and focus on the meeting.
He said “So if she says I seemed a little distant at first that is why.”

I am sharing this feedback because it is fun to share but also to illustrate how my service is different from the online services. I really get to know my clients and I do more coaching and counseling than I do matchmaking. I do have everyone’s best interest at heart and it is all in an effort to help them find that special someone.

Call 260-1000 and let’s see how many matches I have for you. You meet serious minded people at Perfectly Matched and I do all the work!

To be continued……………..