October 19 2010

My first appointment today is a man, early 40’s, ABS, but he has two children. His long term goal is marriage and he is open to having more children. His children have two different mothers so his “package deal” is a bit different from most people who have always been single. He is a devoted father and his children are the most important people in his life. I said “When I share your information someone is bound to ask why you did not marry either one of the mothers of your children.” He said “I almost married the mother of my oldest child but we stayed together long enough to mutually decide we did not want to marry. The mother of my second child was a lady I had only dated for a couple of months. I try to maintain a positive relationship with both of them and they know how much I love my children and I will always provide for them and be there for them.” When you are born with more money than you could ever spend in your lifetime you can approach life a little differently and that is the case with this man. He said “I don’t dwell on money or the fact that I don’t have to work to have income and I do appreciate the options it allows me to have but I don’t feel like I need to apologize for it either.” He is fit, active, healthy, and ready to meet the right lady. He said “It’s time for me to meet the love of my life and I am ready to love her for the rest of my life.”

My second appointment is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, grown children, semi-retired and his long term goal is a committed relationship, possibly marriage. He said “I was married for almost thirty years. I think maybe that’s enough for this lifetime. I would consider marriage but I would probably insist on a prenuptial agreement, unless she has more money than me.” He laughed and said “I feel I can be just as committed in a relationship with or without marriage and in some ways I could be more committed without marriage.” I said “Why is that?” He said “When you stay together because you want to it doesn’t matter if you are married or not and it can be a lot less complicated. If it is financial stability and security someone is needing there are many ways to accommodate that besides getting married. Just tell the lady you match me with that I may or may not want to be married but she will still get the rock on her finger, the house, the trips, and a really great guy who will treat her like a queen.” That is exactly what I will tell the lady.

One of my clients who enjoys reading Donnas’ Daily Diary called today and said “You only had two entries last week. You should call it Donnas’ Every Other Daily Diary.” I promised her I would be more diligent this week.

To be continued tomorrow…I promise……..