October 20, 2010

My first appointment today is a really cool guy. He is mid 30’s, divorced, educated, no kids, self employed, makes well over six figures, is fit, handsome, 5’5 and from the Far East. His long term goal is marriage and he can go either way as far as having children. He has been in the United States for a decade and he is very Americanized. He said “I’m short and I’m from _____. Do you think you have matches for me?” I said “Come take my test and once I have your scores, talk to you, and see you, I will know how many matches I have for you.” He also has a great sense of humor and good common core values. He is realistic and understands the limitations and I have a good feeling I am going to find the right lady for him because his attributes far outnumber his limitations. He said “If this doesn’t work that’s OK, at least I am going to give it a try and it’s better than anything I am doing on my own, which is nothing.” Really, really nice guy and I have three potential matches for him, to start.

I spent the rest of today matching and catching up on phone calls. I have a lot of sayings in this business but the one that is probably MOST true is “the ones that start fast, end fast.” A couple who met just two weeks ago, already so emotionally invested in each other that it feels like a conflict to meet other matches. It is not really fair to whomever I would match them with if they are not emotionally available. We will try it their way and see what happens.

This is one of those “this has nothing to do with matchmaking but everything to do with life” moments I would like to share. I was driving in my car with my eight year old grandson, just the two of us, and a political commercial came on the radio which said “he would force the rape victim to have the rapist child” and my grandson said “Grandma, what is a “rapist child?” It literally took my breath away to hear those words come out of my grandson’s mouth. I sent an email to my radio rep with one of the stations I advertise on and although I know they can only do so much about the insane negativity that permeates political ads, that ad is horrendous and should not be heard on a Sunday afternoon by an eight year old. She said she thought the ad was appalling and she would pass my comments on to her General Manager and Sales Director and let me know what they have to say and I will let you know. I hated that ad the first time I heard it and I really hate that my grandson heard it. It’s sensationalism, pure and simple, and it is sad that they think that is what the voting public wants to hear.

On a happier note….a couple called to tell me they are getting married. They have been in a relationship for four years and they have lived together for the last year. They are in their late 50’s and their children are grown. It hasn’t been exactly smooth sailing for this couple. They have weathered some significant life events and there was a time when they stopped seeing each other for a few months. Both of them have called me from time to time and today she said “We mention you often and he reminds me that he has four matches left if I don’t work out and I have no matches left.” I said “Tell him you can always buy more matches and marriage voids the contract so once he marries you he has no matches left.” After all they have been through I think they can make it through anything. I am going to the wedding and I hope they live happily ever after!

To be continued tomorrow……..