October 23, 2014

Having been in the matchmaking business since 1987 has given me a unique opportunity to observe human nature, not only as it applies to matchmaking but also it applies to people in general.

Today something happened that I have never had happen before.
I interviewed a man six weeks ago and he decided not to join Perfectly Matched at that time. He is 70 and widowed for a little over a year. I asked him all the questions I ask in every interview to determine he is emotionally available and ready to start meeting new ladies. He certainly seemed emotionally available to move on and I was disappointed that he decided not to become a client. I almost always have good activity for men in his age range and I have some great matches for him.

Yesterday he called and said he was ready to do this and he made an appointment for 11am this morning. He was right on time, we chatted a bit about the Bronco game tonight and he seemed very much at ease. I always verify a valid driver’s license in the interview and I noticed I had not verified his license when he came in the first time. He reminded me that he had left in it the car that day and said he had also left it in his car today. I told him I would need to see it to complete the contract. He sat there while I filled out the contract then he said he needed to go to his car to get his driver’s license and checkbook. He never came back.

I waited twenty minutes and called his cell phone which went to his voice mail.
I said “I am not sure what happened. Maybe you had an emergency phone call or you changed your mind but I would appreciate a courtesy call one way or the other.”
Five hours later, no call. My guess is there may be some reason I never saw the driver’s license.
Why would he wait six weeks to call me, make an appointment to come back today and walk out under false pretenses?

The point of all this is that Perfectly Matched is a much safer way to meet people. I serve as a filter and I really get to know my clients.
There is also a paragraph in my contract which reads “Perfectly Matched reserves the right to cancel this contract without return of membership fee in the event the information supplied by Client is substantially false or investigation reveals unacceptable background information.”
If someone has told me they are divorced and they are not divorced, that paragraph inspires them to tell me the truth.

Maybe he just got nervous but he sure went through a lot of trouble for nothing.

On a happier note, I am leaving the office early today to attend my ex-husband’s 70th surprise birthday party our daughter has planned for him. We have been divorced since 1988 and we share two daughters and five grandsons. I appreciate him for the wonderful father and grandfather he is and we often share birthdays, holidays and other special occasions with our daughters and grandsons. Life is easier when you have a good relationship with your “ex” and everyone benefits from it, especially the kids and grandkids.

We are all huge Bronco fans so you can bet the game will be on and we will all be rooting for the Broncos!
It will be great if the Broncos win on Herb’s 70th birthday.
Happy Birthday to Herb and GO BRONCOS!!!

To be continued…….