October 31, 2012

A new client was discouraged because he was interested in a second meeting with the first two ladies I matched him with, but they were not interested. One of them was concerned because he mentioned he smoked marijuana in the 70’s.

He said “For Pete sake, that was almost 40 years ago. I don’t smoke it now.”
I said “If you are going to date, it really helps to have a sense of humor. I mentioned to her a lot of people smoked pot in the 70’s. She is sensitive to any reference to drugs because of her job. It had more to do with her job than it did you.”
The other lady did not think his life was “structured” enough.
After my clients meet for one hour they both call me with their feedback and I share that feedback with each of them. The feedback part of my process is what allows me to get to know my clients, and for the matching to become more effective. Both of the ladies I matched him with work for the government.

I said “Third time is the charm.” I used the feedback I received from him and on him when I made the third match and there is a mutual interest to get together a second time. She has more flexibility. She is from Wyoming, a little more laid back, and responded very positively to the fact that he is a carpenter.
She said “I love a man who works with his hands.”

He was glad to hear she is interested in getting together again. He went from “discouraged” to happy in three days. One right person changes the entire experience.

I have two new ladies in their fabulous 40’s!

The first lady is early 40’s, divorced, self employed, has no children, and her long term goal is marriage. She is a huge animal lover and her career involves working with animals. She lives where she has a lot of room for dogs, cats, and horses. Obviously the right man for her will also have a heart for animals, or at least be tolerant of them.

Her scores reflect that she is somewhat easy going, a little shy, very open minded, romantic and affectionate, spiritual, and budget minded.
She enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, going to hot springs and concerts. She likes to travel and has family in Europe that she visits every couple of years.

She said “You probably hear this all the time, but I definitely want a man who is positive, sees the glass half full, and is happy with his life. I feel like I have that to offer in a relationship and I would like to receive it in return.” She is cute, petite, and looks much younger than her age.

The second lady is also in her mid 40’s, educated, has children, and is just starting to date after a long term marriage has ended.

She said “I thought about trying the online services but I have heard such horror stories from my friends who have tried them. I like that you will be a filter for me and that you met with everyone personally and you ask to see their driver’s license.”

She also wants to meet a man who does not have drama with his ex-wife.
She said “My ex and I are kind to each other. We treat one another with respect and neither of us says anything negative about the other to our children.”

She is very fit and appreciates a man who also takes care of himself. She works out, eats healthy, enjoys hiking, tennis, dancing, yoga, running, live entertainment and traveling.
She said “I would love to go to Tahiti with someone special and I would like to expose my children to other cultures.”

As she was leaving she said “I feel so relieved to have you helping me. You have already share so much helpful information and I can probably use some help when it comes to “dating” again. I never thought I would be dating again but I have to admit it sounds like fun.”
I said “That is what you should do when you are just out of a long term marriage. Date, have fun, and explore your options.”
She said “I’m excited and, this time, I know better who I am, and I am much more focused on meeting the RIGHT man for me.”
She is tall, blonde and beautiful and I have some great matches for her.

To be continued…….