November 6, 2012

A lady I interviewed in April decided now was the right time to join Perfectly Matched.
She said “The timing is better now and I appreciated the fact that you did not try to hard sell me when I told you I wanted to think about it and call you back.”

She is early 50’s, divorced, educated, has grown children, and her long term goal is eventually to be married. She has a friend who met a lady through Perfectly Matched that he is in love with and he encouraged her to give me a call.
She said “I was surprised when he told me he joined a dating service. He is successful, tall, good looking, fun and I thought why would HE need a dating service. When I met with you seven months ago I was impressed with you and how you make your matches but I didn’t think I needed to spend money to meet a man. I realize now it is not just about meeting a man, it is about meeting the RIGHT man.”

She enjoys hiking, dancing, traveling, and is a big Rockies and Bronco fan. She grew up near the ocean and she loves water sports.

She said “Find me someone who makes me as happy as my friend and I will send you my single friends.”

I said “That’s a deal! Referral business is what keeps me in business.”

Well, the election is over. It’s awful what we go through every four years. I feel like the little four year old girl on YouTube crying because she is so tired of hearing about Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney. Check it out on YouTube under Bronco Bama. Even a four year old knows all this negativity is not right, not to mention the millions? billions? of dollars spent to send out these negative messages. I am so glad it is over!!!!

On a more positive note…I am offering 50% off all my regular programs until Thanksgiving. This has been a very different year at Perfectly Matched, professionally and personally. I want to end it with a bang by adding as many new clients as I can before the end of the year.
There are several new, exciting changes coming in the next couple of months at Perfectly Matched that will provide more activity for all of my clients.

Instead of waiting for the New Year to make your personal life a priority, why not end this year with a head start on 2013 by making your personal life a priority NOW….still not too late for that date to the Christmas party, maybe that kiss under the mistletoe, or at the very least, the peace of mind of knowing you are taking a pro active step to find that one special person you are not meeting on your own. Your Perfect Match might be waiting for you at Perfectly Matched. Call 260-1000 for your no obligation, one hour interview. Let’s see how many matches I have for YOU!

I’m Donna Shugrue and I approve this message……sorry, I had to do it.

To be continued…………