September 16, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, early 50’s, divorced, grown children, two in their late teens at home, and her long term goal is marriage. This lady has a heart of gold and is definitely a giver. She loves animals as well as people. If her kids brought home a stray anything they kept it. When I asked her what she likes to do for fun, hobbies, sports, her first response was “I love to fish.” She also shoots targets, enjoys hiking, doing the Incline, antiquing, junk shops, Cripple Creek, computers, travel and beaches. She has been meeting men from the online services and her complaints about that are the usual ones I hear; time consuming, ineffective, they aren’t honest, don’t look like their pictures and don’t live in Colorado Springs. The last man she met spent the entire time looking at her breasts, talking about himself nonstop, then called her the next day and told her how much he enjoyed the meeting and would like to see her again. Nothing sends someone to me faster than one more bad experience from the online dating. She has seen my ads for years and decided to give me a call. She is very pretty, looks much younger than her age, and is tired of wasting time meeting the wrong men. She is financially stable and secure and has gone back to school to pursue a degree in the medical field. She said “What appeals to me about your service is that you personally meet with everyone personally and check their ID’s. Sometimes when I would meet someone from the online services I would keep looking in my rearview mirror to make sure they weren’t following me home.” She is a real sweetheart and so easy going that she never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. I said “It’s great to be compassionate and kind hearted but it is also important to be true to yourself and saying “no” when you are not interested is OK.” She said “I know, my girlfriends tell me the same thing.” Listen to your friends, they definitely have your best interest at heart.

To be continued………………….