September 29, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, 30, ABS, educated, and her long term is marriage and children. She was engaged and just after she broke off the engagement she found out she was pregnant. She has a child who is not quite a year old and she knows she would like to be married and have more children. She is a fairly traditional lady and never in a million years did she think she would have a baby out of wedlock. She said “My family is traditional and it was difficult for them but we all love the baby and they have been very supportive.” She asked me if she could bring the baby with her to the interview and I agreed. I do not usually want anyone to bring their children to the interview but she thought it would be helpful for me to see them together. I absolutely love babies and she felt he would not be a distraction. She was right. He sat on a pad on the carpet with a continuous contribution of toys, yarn, paper, books, keys, from her while we did the interview. I was amazed at how quiet he was and how he entertained himself for 45 minutes. This young lady has such a gentle spirit and she referred to herself as “simple” at least a few times. Not simple minded, but simple in her lifestyle and needs. Her mother knew she was coming to see me and told her to tell me that she can see her with a farmer. She said “I can see you in a farmhouse making dinner, with the kids running around while he is bringing in the cattle.” She is very trim, but not very athletic, and does not see herself with a man who wants to bike and hike and have her participate. She enjoys going fishing with her Dad and brother, otherwise she is happy to be a homebody and have friends and family visit. She said “I think I will be more compatible with a man who has a soft personality, like my Dad and brother, as opposed to a man who is too dominating.” She taught piano in the public schools until she had the baby and now she has a studio in her home and teaches from there. I told her I did not have much experience matching a lady who has an infant and I would like to make some phone calls to men I thought could be interested before I offered her membership. She said “Donna, I am in no hurry, just calling you and coming here to meet you was a huge step for me and I am glad I did it. You might not have anyone for me now but maybe someone will come to you that makes you think of me.” After she left, the first man I spoke to about her would like to meet her. I am going to make a complimentary introduction for her and see what happens.

My second appointment is a lady, late 30’s, divorced, one child and her long term goal is marriage. She is new to Colorado Springs and moved here after her long term marriage ended to start over. She was already downtown when she called me and I was available to meet with her so there was less than ten minutes from the initial phone call until she was in my office. I knew from my brief conversation with her that she was VERY direct and straight forward and I was right, her temperament score is a “4” on a scale of “0” to “10”. I also knew she was going to have other priorities having just moved here and she would probably not be a new client today. I was also right about that. I think she was caught off guard when I told her that her weight would be a limiting factor in matching her. She seemed surprised, which surprised me, because she is very overweight. Weight is almost always the issue for men, just as height is almost always the issue for ladies, and smoking is the biggest limiting factor for both men and women. I like to think that most people appreciate it when I tell them I will be limited in matching them, for whatever the reason may be, before I offer them membership, but she seemed offended. I certainly did not mean to offend her but I doubt that I will ever hear back from her.

My third appointment is a client coming in to purchase more matches. I have worked with this man for two and a half years. He purchased 10 matches, he met 15 ladies, had three relationships that lasted from three to nine months, went out with 7 ladies more than one time, and became friends with three of them. He said “Donna, I am happy to reinvest in your service because although I have not met the love of my life, we have come so close, and you know the type of woman I am looking for so well, I am sure you are going to find her.” The odds are definitely in his favor because clients who sign up for more matches almost always have success the second time around. He introduced one of the ladies who became his friend to a friend of his and they are now married. He said “I tried to convince my friend he should pay for my additional matches since he married a lady I met through you but he wasn’t buying it.” He did, however, take him to a Bronco game which included dinner and drinks.

To be continued…………………………