September 27, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 30’s, divorced, educated, two children, and his long term goal is marriage. I interviewed him in March and he had only been divorced for a few months. He is in a much better place now to start dating and feels more ready. He has been spending time at the gym and has 12% body fat. He feels ready physically as well as mentally. He said “It is important to me that someone takes care of herself and has a desire to eat healthy and stay fit.” He enjoys hiking, biking, basketball, movies, travel, working out, concerts and spending time with his kids. His kids are at the ages where traveling would be fun and he would love to meet a lady that has an interest to travel with her kids too. He wanted to take the profile test again because he knows things have changed in the last six months. His finance score went from “1.5” to “4.5” and the other scores stayed much the same as they were the first time he took the test. He said “I have recovered from the shock of how the divorce effected me financially and things are back on track.” I said “Good, because “1.5” is beyond squeaky, “4.5” is much easier to match.” He was referred to me by a friend who met and married his wife through Perfectly Matched several years ago and he sees how happy and compatible they are and hopes I can do the same for him. His friend married the first lady I matched him with and I said “I am confident about what I can do for you but it usually takes more than one match.” He said “I am in no hurry. Initially, I am just looking forward to meeting some nice ladies and having some fun.” I said “THAT I can guarantee!

My second appointment is the young lady I interviewed last week who wanted to “think about it” for a few days. She said “The very next morning I heard your ad on the radio and I thought it was a sign. I also realized I would probably never meet men like the ones you thought would be good matches for me on my own.” I had her first match set up two hours after she walked out my door.

A quick Dad update. He has been in Florida for seven weeks now and is almost totally off the oxygen. After visits to several new doctors, the end result is his lungs are slowly failing. I talked to my brother yesterday and he said “Donna, the bottom line is he is 88 and been on heavy medication for ten years and there is not going to be a miracle cure, so we are going to quit going to doctors and start having as much fun as possible for as long as he can get out and about. He is talking about taking him to Disneyland and getting him fitted for a tux to wear to my nephew’s wedding in two weeks. My brother said “He doesn’t seem depressed or too concerned about anything but it is like having a side kick that never shuts up.” I am so proud of my brother for taking on this responsibility and making our Dad’s life as comfortable as it can be for as long as he lives. He said “He is just getting old.” I said “I wonder how many times you will say that before it’s all over, remember his mother lived to 100.” He sort of laughed.

To be continued……………………..