April 1, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, late 20’s, divorced, a firefighter, his long term goal is marriage and he is open to having children. He said “Having a kid scares me a little, it is such a lifelong commitment. When my marriage ended a few years ago I was glad we did not have a child who was going to be going back and forth between my ex wife and me.” He admits, however, with the right person, having a child could definitely be a possibility. I said “Most women love firefighters.” He said “I think they love the idea of a firefighter but the reality is it can be a very difficult lifestyle.” He works 42 hours on, then 72 hours off. The danger factor is always there. He said “I don’t worry about the danger because, first of all, there is never time to worry, you just react.” He is an admitted adrenaline junkie and enjoys sky diving, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, rafting, biking, and he grew up drag racing. He said “I like to feel alive, whatever I am doing.” His age preference for a lady is 23 to 35. Because of his life experiences, I can easily see him being compatible with someone a few years older. He has been divorced, he has been a firefighter for over 10 years, owns his home, and knows himself very well. He is in great shape, and has a beautiful smile and white teeth. At the end of the interview he said “I can’t believe I am here thinking about joining a dating service.” I said “Then why are you here?” He said “Because I want to get this right and I am not meeting anyone I am interested in, or excited about. I just don’t understand why the type of girl I am looking for would go to a dating service.” I said “You’re here.” He laughed and signed the contract. He is a peach of a guy, the kind you always hope your daughter will find.

My second appointment today is a “be back”, a lady, late 30’s, divorced, highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and she is open to having a child. She was referred to me by her friend who met and married through Perfectly Matched. I interviewed her about a year ago and nothing has happened as far as meeting someone. Considering her busy lifestyle, it is unlikely to happen. Like so many busy people, putting her personal life on hold was one way to have more time but she sees the years going by too quickly and having someone special in her life has become a priority. She is a strong believer, an “8” on a scale of “0” to “10” and sharing her faith with the right man is very important. She said “I want a man who has a relationship with Jesus.” She loves traveling and has been out of the country several times. She also enjoys biking, working out, music, plays, and is very open to try new things. She is pretty with gorgeous long hair and flawless skin. A man I spoke to her about last year is still available and appears to be the best match. She said “I am surprised he is still available.” I said “He just hasn’t met the right person yet, but I know him much better today than I did a year ago and I think he is even a better match for you.” She was thinking about calling me when she opened her mail and got her tax return and decided now was the right time. Good timing, Uncle Sam.

To be continued…………………………