April 10, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, separated, almost divorced, she is interested in friendship and companionship, and eventually a serious relationship. She has a very amicable separation and they share custody of their children.

She said “We started off as good friends, we stayed good friends throughout our marriage and we are still good friends.” In fact, they were emailing each other one day when the subject of divorce came up and it just sort of evolved from there. No anger, no resentment, they worked out all the details and still get along great.
She said “The passion and excitement just wasn’t there, and I decided I did not want to live that way for the rest of my life.” Evidentially, neither did her husband.

She has tried a couple of the online dating sites and has the same complaints that most people have, time consuming, she was not interested in anyone she met, and she was amazed at the pictures the men put on their profiles.
She said “The first man looked 10 years older and 30 pounds heavier than his picture and he referred to himself as fit.” After the next few meetings she got to the point where she did not expect them to look like their pictures.

She also stated that she wanted to meet men who lived within a 50 mile radius of Colorado Springs and she got requests from Chicago, Hawaii and Europe.
She went online looking for a matchmaker and found me.
She said “I just thought this would be much more effective if I had someone helping me and I want the men I meet to understand I have only been single for about nine months. I am not ready to get married. I want to date and have fun and explore my options, just like you recommend on your daily dairies. I have NO intentions of introducing someone to my kids right away. AND, I am loving being single, but I want companionship.”

She is very easy going and is going through a divorce better than anyone I have ever interviewed in 25 years. She and her soon to be ex-husband get along so well she said she is going to tell him about my service.
She said “He’s very budget minded, I don’t know if he will spend this kind of money, but I am going to tell him about you and see if maybe we can get a special deal if we both do it.”
She was dead serious. She is going to get back to me tomorrow and I think she is going to try to get him to join as well.
I told her I have had a number of people send me their ex’s over the years. I have even pulled up someone’s ex as a possible match in the interview.
She said “That happened to us twice on the online services.”

She is excited about her new house, and moving on with this part of her life and I have some great matches for her. She is pretty, funny, smart, happy, and loving life!
I think she will be back soon and, if she does convince her soon to be ex-husband to join, I will give them some kind of deal.
I have no idea what that will be, but I bet she might have some ideas. I can’t wait to hear them.

To be continued………