April 11, 2012

I met with the two men from the new ad agency I am working with for about three hours yesterday and I am very excited about their ideas for marketing Perfectly Matched. It is interesting when I try to explain myself and my business to someone else. It has also been a real eye opener to visit the websites of other dating and matchmaking services to see how they are different from mine. One glaring difference is I am the ONLY one who does not have a time frame on my service. Most of them have a one, or at the most two, year time frame and when that time passes your membership is over, regardless of whether or not you have had any success. Of course you can always sign up and pay more money for another year.

One of the men working on my advertising has done the online dating before and he pointed out that having me involved as a matchmaker and counselor was a huge advantage for my clients. He said “You will meet a lot of serial daters online who are not really serious about finding someone special and just wasting everybody’s time. They don’t have to be accountable to anyone.” He would have appreciated the opportunity to give and receive feedback, and have someone like me as a dating coach. Truly, today I do as much coaching and counseling as matchmaking. He said “You remind me of a Yenta, it is almost like you can smell a good match.” I guess an Irish girl can be a Yenta.

Also, I am very fair about whether or not a match counts when my clients meet. If it was not a good match, I don’t count it. One of the matchmaking services makes the match, arranges the time and place for the meeting, the couple does not know each other’s last name or phone number, and there is no phone call before they meet. Just show up, and that counts as a match.

I also charge much less money than any of the other matchmaking services. I realize I am not in Denver, but one service charges $5,000 to $10,000 for a year and a half of VIP membership. The most expensive one in California charges $25,000 to $50,000. I am sorry, but I think a person has to be desperate to pay that much money.

The other huge difference is, with a 21 year track record, I have been in business twice as long as any of the other matchmaking services, so I must be doing something right!

It is time for a new approach to my advertising and it is fun for me to share all about my service and myself and see how they will interpret that information and put it into a new logo, a new tagline, new radio commercial, new wall ad, new Gazette ad, AND a new website. They already have some great ideas but I don’t want to tip their hand and share those ideas until they have time to create them.

If you have been thinking about checking out my service now would be a good time to do it before I raise my prices, put a time frame on my service, and count every match. OR, maybe those are the reasons I am still in business! Everyone in the meeting seriously agreed that I need to put a time frame on my service, and that probably will happen.

Spring is definitely here and summer is just around the corner…that’s one of the best reasons to consider Perfectly Matched now. Imagine sharing the beautiful Colorado outdoors with someone special this time of year! Hot summer days, cool summer nights, what a wonderful time to fall in love!

One phone call, one hour of your time, and I will know how many matches I have for you. It only takes ONE right one! 260-1000…it could change your life!

To be continued…………………………….