April 12, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, and her long term goal is a serious relationship, perhaps living together, perhaps marriage. She said “I can see myself being happy with the right person in any of those situations.” She has been dating for several years and she is tired of dating. She recently met a man from an online service and he had a list of the number of ladies he had met in the past six years. Actually, he had a spread sheet. There are currently 58 ladies categorized by names, more Debbie’s or Debra’s than any other name, by how many he met just once, how many he went out with more than three times, how many lasted more than three months, how many lasted more than a year, what their medium age range was..you get the idea. The meeting was over in less than 20 minutes. She said “He probably has to come up a new category for me, I’ll be the one that lasted less than 20 minutes.” It made her think about all the ladies who had wasted their time meeting a man who was putting them on a spread sheet to entertain other ladies. “What could he possibly hope to accomplish sharing that information with a lady he is meeting for the first time, and in the first 20 minutes!” He thought it was funny, she did not. She heard my radio commercial that says “At Perfectly Matched you meet serious minded singles and I do all the work.” She has heard about my service for years, and always thought she would meet someone on her own, but she is tired of waiting and looking for a more likely way to meet the right man. She was very surprised how much I knew about her from her “scores” from the profile test. She said “In the short time I have been talking with you I have been thinking about the few men I have had serious relationships with and I can look at your graph with these scores and tell you the areas where we were incompatible.” She sees the value in meeting men who will think much the same way as she does in these important areas. She enjoys hiking, skiing, tennis, travel, concerts, and wants to learn golf. She LOVES to cook and entertain. She is very open on her preference as far as age, height, race. She said “I will know when I have found the right man, no matter what kind of package he comes in.”

My second appointment is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, highly educated, and her long term goal is marriage. She said “I liked being married and I would love to be married again.” It is always nice to hear someone say “I liked being married”. She has been separated and divorced for a few years and has done enough dating to know what she does and does not want to find in a man. She is not very tall but, as is so often the case, she prefers a man who is “at least 5’11”. I said “What if he is a perfect match and 5’8? Would you want to hear about him?” She said “Yes.” I cannot tell you how many times I have encouraged ladies to date men who may not be as tall as they would prefer but are still inches taller than the lady and it has worked out. I have a picture on my wall of one of my favorite matches. They are so happy together and I have watched them fall in love, raise their children together, and get married. She told me initially she did not want to meet him because he is 5’9. I said “He is five inches taller than you and you should take an hour to meet this man.” Seven years later that still gets mentioned every time I run into them. This lady was referred to me by several people who have used my service and had positive things to say. She said “I have thought about this for a year and now is the right time.” I have some great matches for her.

My Dad was admitted to the hospital tonight. He is not in pain but has been short of breath and had no energy. I left there a couple of hours ago and they discovered his oxygen was low but it went up quickly when they gave him minimum oxygen. The chest x-ray showed some kind of fluid in both his lungs about one third the way up. They are going to do another test to get a clearer picture and we will know more tomorrow. Just before I left he said “You know if you get that pneumonia, you go pretty fast.” I said “No one has even mentioned that word, let’s see what the doctor has to say tomorrow.” He has been doing so good for months now and all he cares about is going home. He has a real young looking doctor and we were teasing him about how young he must be. He said “I am not as young as I look.” I said “Come on, tell us your age.” He said “Guess?” I said I am going to guess 35 because you said you aren’t as young as you look, otherwise, I would have said late 20’, early 30’s. My guess was just two years off. My Dad said “Are you single? Guess what my daughter does for a living?” Bottom line, I ended up giving the doctor my business card. My Dad was laughing as I left his room. That was good.

To be continued………