April 17, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, 44, educated, ABS (always been single), her long term goal is marriage and possibly children. She has moved four times in the last eight years with her job, mostly her choice, but she plans to stay in Colorado and is ready to make her personal life a priority.

She has a passion for traveling and she has traveled all over the world, including living in London for a few years. She also enjoys kayaking, running, hiking, photography, theaters, concerts, live music, and now that she lives in Colorado, she wants to take ski lessons.

She is very pretty, classy, fit, and has a great sense of style about her.

She said “Physical attraction is important but I am mostly attracted to a man’s personality. A quick mind and a great sense of humor are like aphrodisiacs for me. I like someone who takes care of himself but not someone who is a fanatic about working out all the time. I am also attracted to a man who has kind of a scruffy look.”

Her religion score, on a scale of “0” to “10” is “.5”.
She said “I am comfortable saying I am an atheist, but I have found that makes other people uncomfortable. I wonder how that will affect the men when you share my information?”
I said “I am not suggesting we try to sugarcoat your religion score because saying your score is .5 is a clear indicator. I agree with you that “atheist” is a word that is often not well received, and based on this test, you really aren’t an atheist because you scored .5 and an atheist would be a “0”.
She said “What was the question that gave me a .5?”
I said “All children should have some form of religious instruction. You marked “slightly disagree” and an atheist would have marked “clearly disagree.”
I asked her if she would be comfortable if we used the word agnostic instead of atheist.
She agreed and she asked if I had any men who were compatible with her score.
I said “Someone who is compatible with you would most likely be spiritual or Buddhist, and not into organized religion. They will have no issue with your score.”
She laughed and said “Does this mean I am a heathen?”
I said “No, you are .5 away from being a heathen.”

Funny lady, fun interview, interesting new client.

My second appointment rescheduled because of the weather. There was four inches of snow where he was in Colorado Springs and there was nothing where my office is downtown. He is coming in tomorrow, weather permitting. He is late 60’s, widowed, retired, and ready to fall in love.
I said “You are in luck because Love Happens Here.” I told him that is my new tagline for my business and he loved it.

To be continued……..