April 20, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, late 50’s, divorced, educated, grown children and grandchildren, semi retired, and his long term goal is a serious, committed relationship, possibly marriage.
He said “In the ideal relationship, I would like to be married, but that would not be a requirement.” He is fairly traditional, but he is not sure that marriage is the ultimate long term goal.

He has met and dated a number of ladies, and their long term goal, as far as a relationship is concerned, have been all over the map. From “whatever happens, happens” to “maybe marriage” to “absolutely marriage” to “living together” to “maintaining separate residences”, etc.
He said “So far, I have not been able to match the right lady with the right long term goal, but, with the right person, anything is possible.”

He is a family man and he is very involved with his children and grandchildren. He appreciates a lady who enjoys spending time with family, his and hers.
I said “This is a real plus, because ladies in this age range often tell me they meet men who tell them right up front that they are not interested in dating someone who spends a lot of time with their grandkids.”
He said “Well that’s a shame, because I have some of my best times with my grandkids.”
He likes to travel with his family as well. They all went on a cruise together a couple of years ago. Including his lady friend at the time, and all of his adult children and grandchildren there were 11 people total.
He talked about swimming with the dolphins with his six year old grandson and his face was flooded with happiness remembering that special time.

His other interests include theater, the symphony, cooking, hiking the trails at Garden of the Gods, photography, exercising, and weekend trips to Durango, Santa Fe, and Aspen.
He said “I love to get up on a Saturday morning and take off for a weekend of fun and relaxing with someone I enjoy spending time with, knowing we have two or three days without the distractions of everyday life.”

His daughter encouraged him to call me after she meet me at a social function a few months ago.
I said “I remember your daughter because she told me about the cruise and said your were the best father and grandfather and the only thing missing in your life was the right lady. I gave her my card to give to you.”
He took my card out of his wallet and showed me what I had written on the back.
I wrote “One hour of your time with me could change your life.”
I laughed and said “That’s a pretty bold statement, but by the time this interview is finished, I will know how many matches I have for you.”

Once I had all his information, I shared the profiles of four ladies who appear to be good matches for him.
He said “Donna, I do believe you are going to change my life. I would never meet these ladies on my own.”
In my opinion, he has been doing what I call “under dating”. I am excited to be able to introduce him to a great quality lady who has as much to offer him as he has to offer in return.

As he was leaving, I said “Please thank your daughter for giving you my card and encouraging you to call me.”
He said “She knows I am here right now, and told me to call her and let her know how it went. She will be thrilled when I tell her YOU will be choosing the right lady for me.”

Which tells me my guess about him “under dating” is probably true!

My second appointment is a man in his early 50’s and he rescheduled to next week because the weather was so beautiful he “had to go play golf.”
I said “I don’t blame you and when we meet next week I will talk to you about ladies who “have to play golf.”
He said “Awesome, my ex-wife hated it when I “had to play golf”.

Now I know his hot button.

To be continued…………………………………