August 14, 2011

My first appointment Tuesday is a man, mid 50’s, divorced, educated, grown children and grand children. His long term goal is a serious, long term relationship, possibly marriage. He retired from the military and now has a civil service job with the government. He is very close to his children and “grand babies”. I love it when a man uses the phrase “grand babies”. He enjoys traveling and has traveled the world with his military career. He travels with his civil service job too, and a lady who could accompany him on some of his trips would be a real plus. He enjoys golf, camping, fishing, movies and concerts, especially at Red Rocks. He loves football and dancing. He is easy going, just a little shy, open minded, affectionate and romantic, financially stable and secure. He likes to share family gatherings like birthday parties and special occasions, and would like to get to know the her extended family in the same fashion. A real family man!

My second appointment on Tuesday is a lady, early 30’s, educated, her long term goal is marriage and children. She is a really sweet lady but I have limited options for her because of her weight. She said “I know that is an issue, and I have tried to lose weight, but this is basically what my body wants to be.” I offered her less matches than my regular program and she is going to think about it and let me know.

My first appointment on Wednesday is a previous client. He is late 40’s, educated, divorced, has been raising his only child on his own who is now off to college. It is not surprising that he is more focused on his personal life and ready to make it a priority. I first met him when he was in his mid 30’s but he did not become a client until nine years later. He finished his matches from that program when his son was a junior in high school and told me he would be back when his son went to college. True to his word, He’s back! I never discard any of the profiles on the people I interview so I have a history of his scores over a 15 year period. He has taken the profile test three times in 15 years and his scores have not changed more than a half a point in any of the six areas of compatibility. Talk about consistent! His long term goal is marriage and, although he is not interested in having children of his own, he is open to adoption. I said “Most people who are empty nesters for the first time would not be interested in having a child at this stage.” He said “I love kids and I love being a father. I have a great son and I could definitely do it again.” He enjoys the Broncos and the Rockies, concerts, skiing, travel, and anything to do with real estate. His faith is important to him and someone who is open to going to church would be nice. One last thing, he said he really likes a lady with “a nice set of legs.” Then he blushed.

My first appointment on Thursday is also a previous client. I first met him in the late 90’s and he was in a relationship with a lady I matched him with for 10 years. That relationship ended a couple of years ago and I started matching him again. He called the other day and said “Donna, I think I need to come in and pay you more money.”
He is early 70’s, divorced, educated, grown kids and grandkids, self employed and his long term goal could be marriage. He is very fit and active. He enjoys running, biking, working out and tries to do something physical five or six times a week. I have clients half his age who could not keep up with him. He also enjoys theaters, concerts, plays and travel. A very classy man and a real sharp dresser.

I took Friday off to drive my Dad and brother to the airport for their trip to Florida. Dad is on oxygen and needs full time care and will be living with my brother and his wife for the time being. It was a long trip with a connection in Dallas and Dad did great. My brother said the people on American Airlines could not have been more accommodating or respectful and took great care of him. I talked to him at 2am Florida time and he sounded great. He said “This was one of the best days of my life. When I got here they had banners saying “Welcome Jack” and John’s kids and grandkids and neighbors are here to greet me. It feels like I just came home from the war.” He has been able to be off his oxygen for as long as two hours in just two days and he could not be off it here for more than five minutes. He starts seeing a new set of doctors this week and I am thrilled he is off to such a good start. It is very strange to know Dad is so far away but I have great peace of mind that he will be well cared for and have a chance to get better.

To be continued……………………