August 18, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, late 40’s, divorced, one grown child, a realtor, her long term goal is marriage, maybe. She said “I lost a considerable amount of money when I divorced and it has taken me years to recover and get back to a place where I am comfortable again. I would be VERY careful about getting married and he would have to be as financially stable as I am.” I said “What about a prenuptial agreement?” She said “That is certainly a consideration but I would also like to put it all on the table in black and white. I will show you mine if you show me yours.” We both laughed. She said “Why are you laughing?” I said “Because that made me think of a cartoon where the little boy and little girl are looking at each other and he says, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” I said “Why are you laughing?” She said “It made me think of the same cartoon.” But, it is not a laughing matter. Compatible income levels are important to pay attention to because it is a matter of lifestyle choices. You will be most compatible with someone who can afford to make the same lifestyle choices. She enjoys tennis, hiking, theaters, concerts, travel and golf. She said “I decided to try golf because my mother said men who golf have money.” I said “Have you found that to be true?” She said “I met my ex-husband on the golf course, what does that tell you?” I said “Maybe his mother told him women who golf have money.” It was a really fun interview and she has a great sense of humor but she is very serious about finding the right man. She said “I think a man who comes to you and invests in this service would be serious about finding the right lady and I like the fact that you look at the match from both sides. You look for him to meet my preferences just as you look for me to meet his preferences.” She asked me if I was Jewish. I said “No, I am from the south, but when I went back to my 25th high school reunion I got an award for the person who chose the most obvious career path.”

My second appointment is a man, mid 40’s, divorced, one young child, and his long term goal is marriage…but, it would take a lot for him to feel comfortable getting married again. This man is smart, smart, smart. I asked him how long he had his job, “10 years, 9 months and 24 days.” I asked him how long he was married, how long he had lived in the Springs, and he answered every question with the number of years, months and days. I thought he was putting me on at first but, no, he was serious. He reads at least five hours a night and he never forgets anything he reads. He can tell you what is going to happen in the stock market, the housing market, and the economy in general. According to him and what he has read, we are in the biggest depression since 1929 and it is not going to get better. The housing market peaked in 2005, it’s all downhill from here. He can tell you the average age people marry, have kids, buy houses, etc. etc. It was a fascinating interview and he has a very unique job. So unique that I could not say what it is without possibly identifying him. He did not make the decision to join Perfectly Matched today but he is going to get back to me when he decides. I hope he becomes a client. I think he will be fun to work with and I can only imagine the feedback I would get from the ladies who meet him. One of the first questions I ask after a first meeting is “how long did you spend together?” I can just hear his answer “One hour, four minutes and ten seconds.”

I have not mentioned this in some time but today I had to give the “teeth talk” again. The one physical thing people notice, both men and women, are teeth. The lady this man met is very pretty, fit, and accomplished but her teeth are stained and distracting. He said “She has everything going for her, why would she not whiten her teeth?” I have gotten this in feedback on her a couple of times so today I said “He thought you were very pretty but your smile would be so much brighter if you whiten your teeth.” She said “I grew up in a part of the country where the water stains teeth and I don’t think there is anything that will whiten them.” I suggested she try Crest 3D and if that does not do the job, see her dentist. There are so many options available today for teeth whitening, I am confident she can find something that will help her. White teeth make you look healthier and younger and since it is the one thing everyone notices it is worth the time and effort to find what would work for you. White teeth….a very good thing to have!

To be continued………