August 30, 2011

My first appointment today is a sweetheart of a fellow. He is mid 30’s, ABS, highly educated, successful, and his long term goal is marriage and children. He is an only child and had a wonderful relationship with his parents. They supported him in every way possible and his life was ideal until he was in his third year of college and his father had a heart attack. He has spent the last ten years care taking for his father, and then his mother. His father passed away several years ago and by then his mother had became very ill. She passed away two years ago and he has settled their estate and is ready to make his personal life a priority. He said “I have no regrets about the decisions I have made. I continued to have a personal life and my friends and girlfriends enriched my life and my parents over the years. I would have married if the right person had come along but that did not happen.” He is firmly established in his career and ready to “settle down”. I told him he was on the young side for my program and he said “I don’t feel young”. His life experiences are such that he is much more emotionally mature than most people his age. He is extremely active and enjoys skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, kayaking, hand gliding, and travel. He spent six months in Europe backpacking and exploring last year. He also enjoys theaters, concerts, plays, reading, and volunteer work. He said “I want to have children and raise them to be productive, contributing people to our society and world. I want them to live their lives with passion and good intent. I want them to love their parents as I loved mine and I want them to leave a positive legacy for their children.” All I have to do is find him the right lady…no small task, but it only takes one right one.

My second appointment is a lady, late 60’s, widowed, self employed, financially secure, and she is interested in friendship and companionship, would consider a serious relationship, and would consider marriage. She had a wonderful marriage and said “However, I am not looking for someone to replace my husband.” I said “The best thing about having a wonderful marriage is now that you know what that feels like you won’t settle for less as you move on.” She said “Really, Donna, if you find me a man who will enjoy going to some of the events, like the Heart Ball, or attending fund raisers for some of the organizations I support, that would be great.” She loves to hike and enjoys most spectator sports, hockey, baseball, football, travel, golf, theaters, concerts, plays and serves on the board of several nonprofit organizations. She said “At one point I thought this is my life, I will be alone until I die , but the last couple of years I changed my thinking. I am healthy and want to share at least companionship and friendship, and the idea of romance is definitely a possibility.” Although there are limited options in her age range who would be compatible matches, I have already matched her. Again, it only takes one right one!

Feedback from a lady who met a man for the first time “He put away a whole bottle of wine in less than an hour and a half by himself.” She found him attractive initially but by the time the meeting was over she was not attracted to him. When I shared her feedback with him he said “It was a small bottle of wine.” That reminds me of a river in Egypt.

To be continued…………………….