September 6, 2011

The first day after a holiday weekend is usually very busy and today was no exception. I always try to make a lot of matches before a holiday weekend because I know everyone is going to have some extra time to meet. My voicemail was loaded with feedback from meetings when I came in today. The young lady in her early 30’s, the personal trainer I am working out with, met her second match and she really liked him. She said “He is very nice and very good looking (always a good start).” He did go to her website before they met and told her he was a little intimidated by her level of fitness and activity. He said “I have never been with someone as fit, active and attractive as she is and I think it will be great fun to share some physical activities , like snowboarding.” BTW, three sessions into working out with her and I am very impressed. She said my nervous system is very smart, it learns quickly, that I have great upper body strength, and we are on a fast track. Yippee!

Feedback from another lady, mid 40’s, on her first meeting. “What is it about men that makes them overlook something as obvious as nose hairs?” Immediately she was so focused on the hair coming out of his nose that she kept looking at it. However, as the meeting progressed and she found herself really liking him, the nose hairs weren’t that much of an issue. I had already spoken with him and knew he was interested in seeing her again. She said “You aren’t going to tell him about the nose hair thing, are you?” I said “No, I will leave that up to you.” If they do not go out a third time I will find a tactful way to let him know he could benefit from taking a closer look in the mirror at his nose, but if they continue to spend time together, I am guessing she will tell him or, perhaps buy him some nose hair scissors. I have not received this feedback on him before and I always appreciate it could just be her opinion.

Feedback from a man, late 40’s, who has gone out on three dates with a lady I introduced to him. “We went to the State Fair and spent most of the day together. It was one of the best days I have ever had and at the end of it I told her I was starting to really care for her. She was very kind, but in so many words she said she was not sure how she felt about me yet but wants to continue to spend time with me and get to know me better.” He seemed discouraged and I told him he should not be discouraged. I had already spoken with her and knew she really enjoyed their time together as well. He was concerned that he may have said too much too soon and scared her off. I said “She seems very enthusiastic about you and it has only been three dates. Maybe her pace is a little slower than yours but there is no doubt in my mind she is looking forward to seeing you again.” He said “Donna, you made my day!” I love this job!

Tomorrow I have two appointments and one of my busiest times of the year starts now, after Labor Day. Believe or not, people are already starting to think about the holidays and hoping they will have someone special to share them with. If you are single and available this is a great time to join Perfectly Matched. Perhaps you can be someone’s wish come true!

To be continued……………….