December 1, 2010

My first appointment today is a “be back”, a man I interviewed six months ago decided now was a good time to join Perfectly Matched. He is early 50’s, educated, divorced, grown children, and his long term goal is marriage. Since we met six months ago he has been meeting ladies on the internet. He said he learned how to fine tune online dating, “You don’t waste time emailing or texting until you meet them. You don’t do dinner, just a cup of coffee. You don’t put too much stock in their picture, most of them don’t look like their picture.” The last lady he met complained that she met men who did not look anything like their pictures and he told he had the same experience with the ladies. They met and, guess what? She did not look anything like her picture. He said “I am going to let you do all the work and show up for the meeting. I am tired of wasting my time getting excited and having it go nowhere.” He recalled the information I shared with him six months ago on one particular lady and wanted to know if she was still available. She is, and she will be his first match. He said “She sounds great, I am surprised she is still available.” I said ‘Maybe she’s been waiting for you.” He said “Do you always say the right thing?” I said “No, but after 23 years of matchmaking, I almost always say the right thing.” He is a very match able guy not meeting the right ladies.

My second appointment is a lady, late 30’s, ABS, self employed, successful, fun and engaging. Her long term goal is marriage and children. She has no children and she is unsure if she can have children but she knows she would love to have children in the picture. She said “If he has children, great. If we decided to adopt, great, and if I met someone who wanted to have our own child, great.” She is fit and active and loves the winter activities in Colorado, especially snowmobiling. She has three snowmobiles and is looking forward to MORE snow. The man she was in a relationship with for the last several years did not like snowmobiling and did not like that she was so into it. She said “I would prefer someone who shares this interest, and it’s not a show stopper if they don’t, but it would be a show stopper if they did not want me to snowmobile.” I have three men who appear to be good matches that do enjoy snowmobiling and we are going to start with one of them. It is always nice when you can find someone who shares your passions.

Speaking of snow, it looks like we should have no great expectations for any real accumulation until after Christmas. It definitely does not feel like Christmas could possibly be three weeks away. December is usually my slowest month in business because most people will wait until after the holidays to join a dating service or a gym. I decided to try and change that by running a radio commercial offering 50% off all my programs until December 18th. I already had one fellow sign up and take advantage of the offer. He said “I WAS going to wait until after the first because I did not think anyone would want to meet until after the holidays.” I matched him an hour after he left my office. So, just a reminder to anyone who might be interested….50% off until December 18th and I have plenty of clients who are available and ready to be matched. Why not end your year making your personal life a priority and it’s still not too late to change your holidays by meeting someone special now!

To be continued!