December 2, 2010

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, widowed, highly educated, one child in college, semi retired, and her long term goal is a committed relationship, possibly marriage. A month before her husband died he told her she was a very wealthy lady. He had amassed a fortune in the twenty plus years they were married that she knew nothing about. She said “I had everything I needed and wanted in my marriage but I was upset that he had not shared with me where we were financially.” He managed their money throughout the marriage and had planned to retire early and surprise her with the fact that they could “comfortably” retire early. He was sick for two years before he died and she felt he should have informed her sooner. I said “What would have changed if he had told you earlier?” She said “I know he had the best intentions but there were times when if I knew we had that kind of money I might have made different decisions in different situations.” The main one being where their child went to college. Their child now goes to the college she thought they could not afford at the time. She said “It was as though he had this secret he was keeping from me, no matter his intention.” They had a great marriage and she would much rather have found out the way he intended, by retiring early, than because he was dying. Two years later she is ready to start over and has carried my ad from the Gazette around for so long it was yellow. She is also a fan of Donnas’ Daily Dairy. She said “I feel like I have a bit of a head start on dating because of all the stories and advice you share with your diaries.” She actually printed out the dairy that mentioned a man who was widowed and wanted to know if he would be a good match for her. He is a good match but he is shorter than her height preference. I said “He is still two inches taller than you. I think you should meet him. It’s not like you are ready to settle down, you are just getting started, and at the very least, you might end up with a new friend.” She agreed.

I went to the “soft” opening of the new Jose Muldoon’s at Powers and S. Carefree last night and it is fabulous. Very pretty, very classy. The ladies room is beautiful. It’s the same great food as the Jose’s downtown and another addition to the Concept Restaurants. It officially opens Saturday and if you are out in that area you should give it a try.

To be continued……………..