November 29, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, late 30’s, divorced, educated, she has one grade school child, and her long term goal is to be married and raise more children. She cannot have any more children of her own but she is open to raising someone else’s children, or adoption.

She said “I am not done raising kids and if I do not meet a man who is interested in raising more kids, I will adopt on my own. I know I will regret it if I don’t have more children in my life.” As far as a man who already has kids, the younger, the better.

She enjoys hiking, trail running, sporting events, CC hockey is a family event, theaters, concerts, plays, and she has an interest to travel.

She said “I respect success and confidence in a man. I don’t find myself compatible with most engineers, I like someone more fun and lively.” I assured her I have some engineers who are fun and lively.

She is very outgoing and friendly, on a scale of “0” to “10”, she is an “8” in sociability. She appreciates a man who is also friendly and outgoing. She is also an “8” in affection and a man to likes to touch, be close and spent one on one time together will be a great match for her.

She is pretty, smart, successful, and I think she would be a great partner to raise more kids with!

My second appointment today is a lady, mid 20’s, ABS (always been single), working on her Master’s degree, self employed, owns her business and her home, her long term goal is marriage and children. Her girlfriend came with her to the interview for moral support, I guess.

I said “What inspires someone as young as you to call a dating service?”
She said “I keep picking men I end up supporting who have no ambition. I also think I will have more options in Colorado Springs than Pueblo.”

She is more mature and established than many 25 year olds and I can definitely see her with someone older. She agrees and feels she can comfortably date a man ten years older, as long as he wants children.

She enjoys horseback riding, hiking, snowmobiling, movies, and concerts.
She is attracted to big guys, the teddy bear type.

I love having her at such a young age. It gives us plenty of time to find the right teddy bear.

My third appointment today is a man, mid 40’s, educated, separated, grown children and his long term goal is marriage.
When I booked the appointment he told me he was divorced. When I asked again in the interview, he said he was divorced.
When we finished the interview and he agreed to become a client he read the paragraph in my contract which states;
“Perfectly Matched reserves the right to cancel this contract without return of membership fee in the event the information supplied by Client is substantially false or investigation reveals unacceptable background information.”

He said “I should probably tell you that my divorce is not yet final, but in my heart I am divorced. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”
His divorce is not only not final, they have not even filed for divorce.
I said “Obviously, I cannot offer you membership. I would be matching ladies with a married man.”

He said he is going to call back when the divorce is final, but I have a feeling he won’t wait that long to start dating.
He is a very nice man, but he is not emotionally available.
You cannot say you are divorced if you are not. It IS a big deal!

To be continued…………………………..