December 6, 2010

My first appointment on Friday is a man, late 40’s, separated for almost one year, and married for over 20 years. He called me last Monday and wanted to know what I would charge him to meet with him and his wife and do their “scores” from my profile test. He had been to my website and thought it would be very informative if they both took the test and I compared their scores. I said “Is your wife agreeing to do this?” He said “Not yet, but I think she will agree. I wanted to see if it was an option before I mentioned it to her.” After more conversation we agreed what he would pay me for an hour of my time to meet with the two of them. He called me back and said she was all for it. There aren’t too many “firsts” for me in this business after 23 years but, this was a “first.” They were friendly and comfortable with each other and their mood was lighthearted…..until I started comparing their scores. Apparently, his primary reason for wanting their scores was to prove to her is she NOT easy going. She is NOT. On a scale of “0” to “10”, she is a “3” in temperament. She said “What does that mean?” I said “A person who is a “3” in temperament would have a tendency to be argumentative, quick to anger, like to fight. They are direct and straight forward, they tell it like it is. They don’t have a lot of patience. If there is a problem they identify with it, and deal with it. They can be more prone to health problems because they stress easily.” As I watched the blood go up her neck to her face I wondered what I had gotten myself into. She was defensive and suggested I was only repeating what her husband must have told me. I pulled out my cheat sheet which clearly defines all the scores and pointed to the definition of a “3”. I said “I wrote this 20 years ago and all your husband told me when he asked me to do your scores was he thought it would be informative.” I told them I did not want to be in the middle of a disagreement with them and maybe this was not a good idea. She said “What does his temperament score say about him?” I said “ He is an “8”, and would have a tendency to be easy going, doesn’t like to fight, doesn’t like to deal with uncomfortable situations, doesn’t care for tension in the air and, therefore will let things build up. An “8” would also have a tendency to procrastinate, put things off, and avoid confrontation to the point of avoiding communication. Suddenly, she felt better. I compared their other scores and they were incompatible in three out of six scores. The bottom line was he thought she was bitchy and she thought he was a wimp and they left thinking they were both right. She called me a couple of hours later and wanted to know what I would charge her to test her boyfriend. I said “Nothing, I will send you a test and I can score it over the phone.” I think I will stick to working with divorced, emotionally available people.

Saturday I had an appointment with a very sweet lady in her late 70’s. I tried to discourage her from coming in because I do not have much activity in her age range. She said “I read your dairy about the 79 year old man and the 83 year old lady who met and married in July and I am five years younger than her.” What could I say? I do have one possible match for her and I offered her less matches than my regular programs so she is now a new client. She said “it only takes one right one.” I love it when someone uses my own words to make a point. She said “I’m in no hurry and I know you will find the right man for me.” I said “That is exactly what the 83 year old lady said when I interviewed her but she was 80 at the time.” She said “Like I said, I’m in no hurry.”

Saturday night was the Parade of Lights Christmas parade downtown and it was great! The people were four deep all along the parade route and the weather was cold but not uncomfortable. Finally, it is starting to feel like the holidays and my radio commercial offering 50% off all my programs is working. I have eight appointments scheduled for this week already, three tomorrow, all men, 54, 36 and 56. There are still two weeks left before my year is finished and I hope to stay busy selling and matching until December 18th! I look forward to the three men I will meet tomorrow and seeing how many matches I have for them. Like the lady said “it only takes one right one.”

To be continued tomorrow……………………………..