December 6, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, late 50’s, divorced, educated, grown children and her long term goal is marriage. She is a therapist, very spiritual, and is looking for a man who “is a big container to contain me.” She follows the teachings of Jesus Christ and definitely wants a Christian/Spiritual man to share her journey, “a man who expands her heart and her life.” She has not had a serious relationship for many years but finding the right man to share the rest of her life has now become her focus and her priority. She tried an online Christian service and was very unsatisfied with the responses she received and the couple of men she met. Her ex-husband met and married a lady I introduced him to many years ago and she kept the thought of calling me on the back burner for a long, long time.

She said “When I had such a disappointing experience with the online service I decided I have waited too long to make this a priority, I am not going to give up now and I called you.”

She considers herself as much a country girl as a city girl and said “I can be just as comfortable digging in the dirt as I can be going to the Broadmoor for dinner.” She enjoys horseback riding, loves to fish, is writing two books, and wants to travel more. She loves Santa Fe and there are many other places she looks forward to visiting with the right person. She has worked hard all her life and as taken great joy in helping others but, she has come to the conclusion that it is time to focus and her personal happiness and knows she needs and wants the right man to complete the picture. She is trusting me to help her find him. She is a gentle spirit with a kind heart and that is the kind of man I will help her find.

My second appointment is a man, late 40’s, highly educated, divorced, shared custody of his children, and his long term goal his marriage. He is tall, good looking, physically active and enjoys skiing, tennis, weight lifting, exercising, loves cooking, entertaining and traveling. He especially enjoys traveling with his children and appreciates a lady who would enjoy traveling with his and her children.

When I asked him physically the kind of woman he finds attractive he said “Gorgeous, and beautiful, fit and trim.” On a scale of “0” to “10” in importance, as far as physical attraction, he said “10”. I said “Just to give you a little more flexibility, I am going to say 9.5.” I said “You are a good looking man, if you looked like Woody Allen (sorry, Woody) and had a gut out to here, I would tell you to get real, but I am sure a gorgeous, beautiful, fit, trim woman would find you attractive.”

I have many, many matches for him but he said he wanted to take a few days to “think about it”. He called because of the 50% off offer I have going until December 17th and I said “I am confident about you having a positive experience with this because I have so many good matches for you and I will honor the 50% off if you come back before the 17th, otherwise, after the 1st, it is full price.” He will never meet the type of ladies I talked to him about tonight on his own, or online, I think he realizes that and hope he will be a new client soon. You can lead a horse to water BUT…we’ll see.

A call today from a lady I matched with a man in March “I told him we need to call Donna and let her know how things are going for us, and I am calling to tell you we moved in together in July, we talk about marriage, and we get along absolutely great.” They have both always been single and she said to him “I think a man needs to ask a woman to marry him when he is ready and wants to, otherwise, you won’t be hearing me say anything about it.” He was her second match and she was his 11th. She said “You changed both of our lives forever and I just want to thank you.” It gave me chills, like it always does. This one will go the distance, I would bet on it.

To be continued………………….