December 7, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, educated, a nurse, she has always been single but has one grown child, and her long term goal is marriage. She was referred to me by other nurses who knew me through working with my Dad at the rehab center. That was a pleasant surprise to know that all these months later they remembered that I owned a dating service and encouraged her to call me. She is from another country, but she is very Americanized. She has a great sense of humor and is ready to enhance her personal life by finding the right man. Although she has always been single, she has a significant relationship history, including three long term relationships.

She said “I have not been avoiding marriage, I just know I have not met the right man to marry.” She is comfortably settled into her life in this country, owns her home, has a job she loves, her grown child works fulltime and is in college, and she feels the timing is perfect to make her personal a priority.

She grew up in a big city where theaters and concerts were a big part of her life and she continues to love classical music and the opera. She also enjoys reading, gardening, movies, dining out, hiking, driving in the mountains, chilling on the couch, and would love to travel and see more of this country. Her parents and other family members have also relocated to Colorado Springs and she is very close to them. And, although she is a nurse, her approach to staying healthy is very holistic and she always seeks out natural remedies first.

She said “I am happy with my life and the only thing missing is the right man.” I look forward to helping her find him.

There was an article in the Gazette that I just have to mention. In fact, I am going to post it on this daily dairy. It’s about rats.

WASHINGTON – Rats don’t always act like, well, rats.
New experiments show rats demonstrating compassion and helping other rodents. It’s a trait some scientists thought was reserved only for humans and higher primates.
And it’s certainly not the sneaky, selfish rap that goes with calling someone a dirty rat.
In repeated tests, rats freed another trapped rat in their cage, even when yummy chocolate served as a tempting distraction. Twenty-three of the 30 rats opened the trap by pushing in a door. The rats could have gobbled the chocolate before freeing their partners, but often didn’t, choosing to help and share the goodies.
“Basically they told us (freeing another rat) is as important as eating chocolate,” said study author Peggy Mason of the University of Chicago. “That’s a very striking thing.”
In some cases, the rats first took the chocolate chips out of a container, but didn’t eat them, then freed the other rat and shared “almost as if they were serving them chocolate,” Mason said. The research was reported in the journal Science on Thursday.
Also, females showed more consistent empathy than males, Mason said. All six females freed their trapped partner; 17 of the 24 males did so. This confirms other studies that show females demonstrating more pro-social behavior than males, she said.
There were days when the male rats took the day off from helping their trapped partner, but the females never did, she said.

There you have it, scientific proof females are more compassionate than males, even if she is a RAT!

To be continued…..