February 1, 2011

Last Thursday I got the “bug” that is going around and tried to convince myself it would just go away, but yesterday I was so miserable, cough, tired, congested, I gave in and went to the doctor. A “Z” pack and one day later I feel much better. This happened about the same time last year and I went through two different types of antibiotics before I ended up with the “Z” pack.

I had just one appointment last Friday, a man, a “be back”, early 50’s, divorced, educated, no children and his long term goal is marriage. I interviewed him last October and he initially planned to come back sooner but his father became ill and passed away a few weeks ago. He shared a story I have heard from others several times before about his father’s passing. I guess when it gets right down to it you can will yourself to die just as to can will yourself to live. The day before he was due to leave and come back to the Springs his father passed, although they had expected he would live for weeks or months longer. He said “He was ready to go and I was with him at the moment of his death.” It was a life experience he will never forget and seems grateful to have experienced. It certainly makes you think about what is important in life and having someone special to share his life has even more meaning to him now.

Not wanting to expose anyone to my germs, I rescheduled Saturday’s appointments to today, and today both of them rescheduled their appointments because of the weather. One lady could not get her garage door open because it was frozen. The man I had scheduled called and said “I am not going out in this cold unless you have Angelina Joline waiting to meet me.” This is unbelievable cold, -30 with the wind chill factor. Tomorrow won’t be much better but, by Friday it is suppose to be back to the 40’s. Last Friday it was almost 70, a difference of a 100 degrees in temperature in five days…you gotta love Colorado!

A client sent me an email about men she has been meeting on her own that I thought I would share just as a reminder that you only have one chance to make a first impression:

“ I’ve been dating quite a bit and am having little luck finding the “last relationship”. I am finding that dating over 60 is a very different. I have a true aversion to “general statements” as I truly believe everyone is an individual and shouldn’t be judged by lot. Still, I’ve noticed a common thread….
I find this age group could use a makeover. Men are very interested in how women look. To get ready for a date or to meet a man, I always put some effort into my appearance. It’s important to smell good, be clean and try to look my best. In contrast the men look like they just fell out of bed. My theory is that in this age group many men are retired and don’t wear business or even business casual clothes. Old jeans and a stained shirt is not attractive to a woman. As men get older, they tend to let their personal hygiene go. However it’s when men get older that it’s even more important that they keep their hair trimmed and – the nose and ear hair needs to kept trimmed daily! (yuck)

I find it’s not a matter of money – these men are successful and could easily afford to spend an hour in a barber’s chair. Women know that going to the beauty shop can give them a lift – a new hair cut, facial, etc. can make a woman look better – but it also “feels” good! Most women feel more confident and are more outgoing when they feel good about their appearance. We all age, but that’s all the more reason to work more on our appearance. To put it in “man” terms – a 25 year old Chevy is an old beater – but after a detail it can look like a classic!

If you remember the show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” – very cool. It went over the top with “man makeovers”. It’s too bad there isn’t a man’s “beauty barber” shop for these gents to go to.”

I have two appointments scheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting. One of them is the lady who hopes to get her garage door unfrozen.

To be continued………………………