February 22, 2011

My first appointment on Thursday, the 17th, is the lady I interviewed two days before who said she would get back to me next month. I have already matched her twice. Nothing was going to change in the month she was going to wait other than where she took the money from to pay for her membership. Having several options, she choose to join sooner rather than later.

My first appointment on Friday is a man, early 30’s, divorced, no kids, wants kids, tall, educated and looks like he could be a model. However, he has chosen a profession where he has the opportunity to change the lives of young children in what could be precarious situations. He makes sure they are safe and the people they live with are doing the right things. He has such a heart for what he does and when I asked him why he decided to follow this path he said “I went to Thailand and came away with a desire to help others, especially children.” I matched him with a young lady who has very compatible scores and everything else lines up beautifully; shared interests, similar long term goals, intellectual compatibility, physical attraction, to mention a few. She wants to travel the world, and already has to some extent, and help others. I feel very positive about this match but heaven knows the physical attraction and chemistry has to be there AND be mutual. I think they are both very attractive and, hopefully, they will find each other attractive.

My first appointment today is a lady, early 50’s, educated, divorced, grown kids, very successful in her field, a strong believer, and her long term long is marriage. She has not dated for a very long time. It has taken 15 years for her personal life to work its way to the top of her priority list. All of her ducks are in a row, financially, emotionally, and physically. She looks young for her age and when I asked her age preference for a man she said “I have a hard time understanding that I am old enough to date a man in his 50’s, but I guess that is the reality.” We agreed on an age range of 49 to 60 and, as always, I mentioned that age is the least important thing if everything else is there and you find each other attractive. She is a “5” in sociability, a little shy, and when I pulled out the first file of a man to talk to her about she went “Ohhhh.” I said “Now she’s really scared. We are talking about a real live man who might be a compatible match and the love of her life!” She goes “Ohhhhh.” I said “Relax, all you are agreeing to is taking an hour of your time to meet him and call me with your feedback.” She said “That’s true, at least I won’t be spending hours on the internet meeting people who aren’t even close to what I am looking for.” I check ID, they sign an agreement that states if they give me any false information (i.e. they are divorced when they are not) I can cancel their membership and keep their money. If they have not been honest about being divorced that statement stops them dead in their tracks. They almost always say the same the same thing “In my heart I am divorced but the paperwork is not final.” I ask them when they filed and when it will be final, let them know I will verify their information and get back to them. I have managed to work it out with all but one person.

OK, now I am up to date in Kansas city with Donnas’ Daily Dairy and I am going to do my best to keep it current. One of my clients who enjoys DDD and has noticed my recent lapses suggested I rename it Donnas’ Weekly Dairy. Ouch, that hurt.

To be continued tomorrow………………………………