February 4, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, mid 50’s divorced, self employed, grown children, and his long term goal is a serious relationship, possibly marriage.
He said “I am in a really comfortable place in life, my kids are through college, my home is paid for, my health is great, I am very financially secure and cutting back the hours that I spend working. I want to travel and I am looking for a lady who also wants to travel, and has the flexibility to travel.”
I said “Where do you want to go?’
He said “I have been all over Europe a few times, and I would not mind going back, especially to Italy, but I have yet to go to Australia and New Zealand. I can’t believe I still have not been to Hawaii! I would look so forward to visiting those places and being madly in love with someone to share the experience.”

He is fit and active and appreciates a lady who can participate in some of his activities; hiking, biking, cross country skiing, and tennis. He has a garden that sounds pretty incredible and loves to cook what he grows in his garden. He said “There is nothing to compare to the taste of home grown vegetables, and whatever else I buy comes from Whole Foods.” Music is a huge part of his life and he enjoys concerts occasionally, depending on the venue. He prefers to go where he can reserve good seats and not be in a huge crowd of people. He saw Elton John in Vegas and had the best seats in the house. Cruising through bookstores is another favorite pastime and he is a voracious reader.

When I asked him his age preference for a lady, he asked what I would suggest.
I said “In general, I think five years either way of your own age is most compatible for most people, and I think more than ten years either way of your own age is stretching it.”
He said “I will trust your judgment.” Yea! I am so accustomed to men in his age range preferring to date so much younger than themselves, I was surprised he agreed with me so readily.
He said “As long as we find each other attractive and everything else falls into place, I am not so concerned about age.”
I said “You just took the words right out of my mouth.”
He said “Actually, I did. I read some of your daily diaries and I knew what you were going to suggest.”
I am constantly amazed at the people who read my daily diaries. Somehow I just would not picture this man sitting in front of his computer reading Donna’s Daily Diaries.

Needless to say, I have some great matches for him.

It has been a long time since I have done a “Dad update” and much has happened in the last six months. He went to live with my brother in Florida last August because he has COPD and congestive heart failure and the altitude in Florida was much better for him. But he was lonely and wanted to return to Colorado, even though he knew that would require him to go back on oxygen 24/7. In Florida he was only on the oxygen a couple of hours at nighttime. My brother returned with him three weeks ago with the understanding that Dad had three weeks to decide if he wanted to stay in Colorado or go back to Florida. My brother left a week ago and Dad stayed. So, HE”S BACK. He is back in his house, has 24/7 care and knows that his days are numbered.
He said “Hon, I know we are all going to die, but evidentially, it’s staring me in the face, and I wanted to be home. I don’t care if I have to go around with this hose up my butt, I want to be home.” He saw numerous doctors while he was in Florida and the end result was they said there was nothing they could do for him and he should just enjoy the time he has left.
He said “I still believe there is something someone can do for me and I asked that last doctor what he would do if someone said to him, just relax and die. The sons of bitches don’t want to operate on me because they say it could kill me but it is my life, and I am willing to take the chance.” Here we go again. I have a call into the name of a doctor who I have been told could do the surgery laparotomy. The problem is, his stomach has gone up into his chest cavity.

Another doctor he saw, took his head in her hands and said “Oh, no.”
Dad said “What does Oh no mean?’
She said “See how you have lost the muscle tone at your temples and it is all sunken in? That is one of the last things to go before you die.”
He said “Damn, lady, why don’t you just say what you’re thinking!”
He said to me “Donna Sue, why don’t you just call that lady you go to who puts that stuff in your face to plumb it up, and let’s see what that does.” I assured him that would not fix his problem.
His body appears to be ready to give up, but his mind it not. He is as sharp as a tack and I have to admire his will to live. I went to a physic ten years ago when my Mother died and she told me “Your father has such a will to live that he is not going to die until he is damn good and ready. Not even God is going to take him until he’s ready.” Those words constantly ring in my ears!

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To be continued……………………….