February 8, 2012

My first appointment to day is a man, early 70’s, separated, grown children and grandchildren, his long term goal is a serious relationship, and possibly marriage. I do not usually offer membership to someone who is not yet divorced, but he is a former client and it is a little hard to tell someone in their 70’s that they need to wait. Is he emotionally available? Probably not, but he is determined to move on and feels more comfortable doing it with my help. Any lady I match him with will know where he is in his relationship history and has the option to decline if she is not comfortable with the fact that he is not yet divorced. One of the nice things about being in this age range is we don’t worry so much about the future when it comes to the details. Someone who is not yet divorced could still become a friend, an occasional dinner date, someone to go see a movie with, have a cup of coffee with…or maybe fall in love with.

He would like to meet someone who has the ability to take off for a couple of months in an RV. He loves to travel, with or without the RV, and has been to almost all of the continents. He also has a motorcycle that you don’t have to want to ride, as long as you don’t mind that he enjoys riding. Boating, scuba diving, fishing, and hiking are other interests.

He looks for someone who is out going without being obnoxious, articulate, understands when he need his space, enjoys laughter, has passion, is neat, clean, and doesn’t like clutter. He likes long hair better than short hair, and someone who’s height and weight is proportionate. He said “Maybe I am a borderline “A” personality. I said “No, You are a point and a half away.”

He is very connected to his children and grandchildren and someone who values family is also important. It will be fun to work with him twenty years after I first met him. Makes me realize how long I have been in business! And guess what? His scores have not changed a bit in twenty years!

Today is my birthday and since I turned 50, every five years I give myself a birthday party. This will be my fourth annual fifth birthday party, and maybe that is not exactly the way to say it, but tonight 40 or 50 of my friends, family, and clients will meet with me at the Famous to celebrate. I highly recommend it, it is always so much fun. I call it my narcissistic tradition and, fortunately, my friends, family, and clients continue to indulge me. I bribe them with lots of fabulous appetizers!

To be continued…….