February 8, 2011

In spite of the miserable cold, I had a wonderful birthday today starting with lunch with my daughter. I stopped into 7/11 to buy some cough drops and asked the girl for two $5 scratch tickets and won $120. I had an appointment with a very nice lady who is now a new client. I got flowers from an old boyfriend and I had dinner with my two best girlfriends. None of this was planned except the appointment with the new client. I walk a block away from where I work and that one short block seemed to take forever with the cold wind blowing in my face. I came home and put my thermometer up to 72 and I am still not warm enough. By Saturday it is suppose to be back into the high 50’s. No wonder so many people have this “bug” that is going around.

The lady who is now a new client is mid 60’s, divorced after a very long term marriage, educated, retired, grown children and her goal is to meet some quality, compatible men and enjoy their companionship. She has not dated since she has been divorced but she has made an effort to go to a couple of singles events. She said “I mostly just ended up sitting by myself.” She does not understand why her ex-husband has had no difficulty dating and she is getting nowhere. I said “It is always more difficult for older women to find men to date than it is for older men to find women to date. First of all, there are more older women than men and older men very often prefer to date younger women which thins out that group even more.” This is all news to her since she has not dated in about 45 years. She has a couple of friends who met through Perfectly Matched who are also in their mid 60’s and they have been encouraging her to call me. She said “I realize I need to put myself out there if I expect to meet anyone and I miss the intimacy of being in a relationship.” She said “I had dinner with a neighbor last night and I told her I was coming to see you today. Her daughter is friends with your daughter and she said very positive things about you and your business.” I look forward to helping her with her personal life and introducing her to some quality men.

My other appointment rescheduled his appointment. He had to shovel his roof, again. Saturday can’t get here soon enough!

To be continued………………….