January 12, 2011

Yesterday I had one appointment, a lady, mid 40’s, widowed, one child, and her long term goal is marriage. No one ever expects to be widowed in their mid 40’s. She was on a vacation and he had not answered the phone for two days. She called the police and they found him dead. In the last two years she has moved back to her home, Colorado Springs, and she is ready to date. She has tried the online services, she has joined a couple of local single social groups, and she is ready to start dating. She said “When I went on an online service and they wanted a picture. I took a picture and put it online. I got no responses after I sent out over 20 emails. The one response I did get said “you need a better picture”. She started researching dating services and emailed me. This lady is a sweetheart, not a Barbie doll. She said “I had no idea that a extra few pounds would be such a big deal.” I said “Weight is almost always the issue for men, just as height is almost always the issue for women.” She said “that’s true, I am not interested in short men.” It used to surprise me that women are offended by men who are not interested in women who are overweight but they will automatically eliminate short men and men are offended by women who think they are too short but they will not meet women who are overweight. I think it is universal, men are more attracted to slender women and, women are more attracted to taller men, anymore, I expect it. She is a now a new client. She said “I have been reading your daily diary and I think you can pick better than me.” I hope to prove her right.

My first appointment yesterday was with my Dad, his caretaker, Brenda, and me, with a new doctor in Denver who was a referral from a client. On December 24th I put out a plea to anyone who could make a recommendation to help my Dad. In response to that, yesterday we met with Dr. Drennan in Denver and we have new hope. Radio Frequency Neurobalsion……..My Dad already has an appointment for a steroid injection on January 19th locally with Dr. Lippert, and if that does not give him any relief from the pain Dr. Drennan is going to zap him on February 3rd. When we left Dr. Drennan’s office yesterday my Dad said to his receptionist “Set me up for an appointment, he’s going to electrocute me.” You have heard the expression “I will die trying”, that’s my Dad.

Today, I spent the entire day matching. Tomorrow, I have three appointments…a man, 50, a lady, mid 50’s, and a mid 30’s Asian man who said in his email that
“race matters to most people more than they would like to admit”….

To be continued……………………………