July 20, 2011

My first appointment today is a man, early 60’s, widowed, grown children, grandchildren, semi-retired, financially secure, and his long term goal is marriage. He said “I retired two years ago but projects keep coming my way and I am working almost as much as I was before I retired.” He is looking for a lady who has the time and flexibility to travel. He said “Italy is on the top of the list but who wants to go to Italy without a lover?” He also enjoys golf, reading, gardening, music and cooking. He said “You are what you eat and I enjoy cooking and knowing exactly what I am eating.” I said “Do you dine out at all?” He said “Of course, but I am selective.” The Peppertree, Craftwood Inn, and Cliff House are some of his favorites. He asked me if it was common for most people to assume if you are widowed that no one will ever measure up to the deceased spouse. I said “That is very common, but not necessarily the reality.” One lady he dated briefly kept assuring him that she was not uncomfortable if he wanted to talk about his wife and she would never try to take her place. He said “I was very attracted to her but she continued to bring up my wife and I quit seeing her.”He said “You asked me on the phone if I was emotionally available and I am. My marriage was good and I now I want another good marriage.” Recently he was visiting his daughter she said “I wish you would meet a nice lady and fall in love.” He said “Me, too.” What she said kept ringing in his head and the next thing you know he was on my website reading Donna’s Daily Diary. I have some good matches for him and look forward to helping him find the right lady to share the next good marriage.

A client told me she was in the grocery store and a man kept checking her out. She said “He knew I was aware that he was looking at me and finally he walked up to me and said “Your walk should be illegal.” She laughed and went on with her shopping and sees him walking towards her again. She said “Are you stalking me?” He said “I have never done this before but here’s my phone number and I really would like it if you called me and we could do lunch or something.” I said “Were you attracted to him?” She said “Yes.” I said “Are you going to call him?” She said “What do you think?” I said “If he is honest about never having done it before, that’s one thing, but if he is a guy who stalks women in the grocery store, that’s another.” She decided she will call him and meet him for coffee and she is going to do it like she would if she was meeting him through Perfectly Matched. “I will meet him on neutral territory, spend an hour and see what I think but, honestly, I think meeting someone in the grocery store is kind of creepy.”
I said “It’s not as bad as Criag’s list and if you end up liking him it won’t matter where you met.” She said “He really is good looking.” I said “So was Ted Bundy…stay focused!”

To be continued……………………..