July 25, 2012

My first appointment today is a man, mid 70’s, divorced, grown children, just retired for the second time. I think it is wonderful when a man, or lady, his age is still interested in finding a mate. His long term goal is definitely to be married. He was born and raised in Kansas, and grew up on a farm. After his military career he moved to California and was a vineyard manager for twenty years. He retired for the first time and moved to Colorado and bought a farm ten years ago. This week he sold the farm, bought a new house, and joined a dating service.

He said “I was married for over thirty years and I have been divorced for almost twenty years. In 1998 I dated a lady for eight months, and that’s it.” He lives in a small town an hour and a half away and there are “slim pickins” when it comes to ladies. He is good friends with a younger man who encouraged him to give me a call.
He said “I want to travel. I want to go to New Zealand, back to Germany, maybe to Russia, and I don’t want to do that on my own. I like concerts, elevator music, and I love to dance.”
Listening to him was like listening to someone in their 40’s, not 70’s. He is very fit and trim, probably has the same size waist he had in high school, and very healthy.
I said “Farm living sure agreed with you. Do you have any health issues?”
He said “No, I have always been healthy and I have always worked hard, now I want to play.” He used to raise and show horses. He restores old pickups. He has four he is working on now, one since 1997.

I said “You realize most of my clients live in Colorado Springs, will the distance be an issue for you?”
He said “No, I love to drive, and I come this way often. I have lots of cousins in Denver.” He was raised with nine sisters and no brothers.
I said “You must understand women really well having been raised with nine sisters!”
He smiled, and blushed and said “Yea, I understand women, and I like women.”
He is so cute, I just wanted to hug him.

He said “Can I tell you something else?”
I said “Sure!”
He said “I was raised in Holcomb, Kansas, and I knew the Cutter family. Do you remember that story?”
I said “I definitely remember what happened to the Cutter family. Two men decided to rob their house and killed the whole family. I read the book, and saw the movie, “In Cold Blood”, Robert Blake played one of the murders. I remember being so disturbed about it all. What year did that happen?”
He said “1959, and I knew one of the sister’s who was away at school when it happened. Sad thing is, there was no money in a safe like those guys thought, and they walked away with nothing. Killed all those people for nothing.”
In the middle of the day, out of the clear blue sky, I was talking to a man who knew the family behind the story that captured national attention, and my attention, 53 years ago.
I said “Do you mind if I mention this on my daily dairy?”

He said “You can write anything you want about me. My life is an open book. You can especially say anything you want about me to help me meet a lady I can marry.”
When he was about to leave, I couldn’t help myself, I said “Can I give you a hug?”
Again he smiled, and blushed, and gave me one of the best hugs I have had in a long time. I WILL find him a lady he will marry. I know it!

To be continued…..