July 28, 2012

This is an email I received from a client who joined Perfectly Matched 20 years ago:


Just wanted to drop a line. My name was Shelley Putney when I met you in 1992. You introduced me to Danny Paur in 1993. We dated for 3 years and were married in 1996. Our 16th wedding anniversary is coming up next month. We have 3 beautiful children Jeni will be 14 soon, Sara is 12 and Levi is 10.

Just wanted to say thanks…..we have been through a lot……but don’t think we could’ve made it without each other…….thanks for putting us together.

Shelley and Dan Paur

I asked her if I could post it on my daily diary and my Perfectly Matched Facebook page, and this is her response:

We would be honored to be included on your website and/or Facebook. And yes, you certainly can take at least some of the credit……Our three beautiful children wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t put Dan and I together!!



My first appointment today is a lady, early 30’s, divorced, two grade school children, her long term goal is a serious, committed relationship, and she would consider marriage. I was walking into my office as she was getting out of her car and my first thought was “wow”. What a presence she has, totally put together as far as hair, makeup, her outfit, shoes, purse, nails, toenails, she looked like a million bucks. It was Saturday morning and many people come in dressed casually on a Saturday. I was impressed.

This was one of those interviews I will never forget. She has been through so much at such a young age, and has spent the last two years focusing on her children, her career, and getting out of the debt she was left with when the marriage ended. She is now in a place where she has the time, energy and desire to focus on herself and her personal life.

She is a hard worker, has been with the same company for several years, and would now like to start her own company. She is smart, and sharp as a tack. I am sure she will continue to be successful considering what she has already accomplished under very stressful times. Her life experiences make her seem much older and wiser than her age.

When I asked her age preference, she said “I feel I am more compatible with an older man. I came to you because you are the professional and I will listen to your advice, but I think I would like to meet men 36 to 50.”
I told her that more than ten years was usually stretching it, but I can also see her with an older man. Once again, age is the least important thing if everything else is there.

Her finance score is a “4” on and scale of “0” to “10”, she is very frugal.
I said “I love the way you are dressed. Where did you get those heels?” Her answer was “Kohl’s”..those shorts? Kohl’s.. your purse? Marshall’s… your blouse? “Don’t know, I have had it million years.” Bottom line, she looked like a million bucks at bargain prices. She estimated that her entire outfit, including jewelry that was very eye catching and expensive looking, heels, purse, blouse, shorts, cost her about $80.
She said “I love having money in the bank, it really excites me.”

She tried one of the online services and she met two men.
She said “They could not have been more opposite.” One of them had not even held her hand after the fourth date, and the other one wanted to watch porn on the second date.
She heard my ad on the radio and told her girlfriend “I am going to call Donna, I need professional help.”

She loves movies, camping, white water rafting, spending time with her children and friends, and she is very open to try new things.
She said “I am so open to new ideas and adventures, I would be willing to try almost anything.”

She is a single mom, just out of debt, and very frugal. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse because I knew she really wanted my help and I really want to help her. This was one of those “she deserves a break” moments and I have some great matches for her.

Actually, the timing was perfect for the offer I made her because I have been thinking about making this offer to everyone. I think there are probably many people who wonder what it would be like to work with a professional Matchmaker, but have never picked up the phone to call me. I have never done this before, but for the next two weeks, I am offering what I will refer to as a “Sample” Perfectly Matched program. Two matches for $299. If you enjoy the experience and want to stay involved, I will apply the $299 to a regular program. Indulge your curiosity….you could met the love of your life!

To be continued……