July 28, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, divorced, one grown child, and her long term goal is a serious, long term relationship. She does not think marriage is an option but “never say never”. She is an admitted adrenaline junkie. She has wrestled an alligator and a bear, done bungee jumping and sky diving, rode a bull ,and is going to do the Running with the Bulls next year. She enjoys hiking, camping (in a tent), bowling, travel, and she is passionate about animals. You must love dogs, she has a few. She has also been an Olympic torchbearer and ran with the torch when it came through Colorado Springs. She said “You know how you are often asked to put the name and number of an emergency contact when you are filling out paperwork? Every time I do that I think how nice it would be to fill in that space with the name of a man I am in a relationship with.” She is fun loving and very funny and appreciates a man who gets her sense of humor, but will also tell her when to “settle down”. She is an empty nester for the first time and ready to make her personal life more of a priority. I look forward to helping her find the man whose name will go in the emergency contact space. I cannot wait to hear the reactions I am going to get when I tell them she has wrestled an alligator and a bear.

My second appointment is a man, early 30’s, divorced, one child, in the military, his long term goal is marriage and he is very open to having more children. When he walked through my door and we shook hands I said “You are so handsome!” He smiled and was even more handsome. I am not usually that forward with someone I am meeting for the first time but I couldn’t resist stating the obvious. He is just the nicest man, devoted to his child, close to his family, dedicated to his career, sincere, genuine, down to earth, easy going and one of the reasons he called me was because his mother met his stepfather through a dating service and they have been happily married for 18 years. He recently returned from a deployment and could, and would prefer to, stay in Colorado Springs. Most of my clients plan to stay in Colorado Springs and prefer someone who also plans to stay here. He is very enthusiastic about Colorado Springs. His child was visiting a few weeks ago and as they were driving around they saw the streets blocked off and crowds of people. They decided to park and check it out and ended up having a great time. I asked him what the event was and he said “I don’t know but there guys on motorcycles flying through the air in the middle of the street.” It was the annual FanFest. He enjoys camping, working out, running, loves concerts and “anything fun”. He is open to try most anything and appreciates a lady with a sense of adventure and fun. When I asked him his weight he said “I weigh about ten pounds more than normal because since I got back I am eating everything I had been missing.” He is very open on his preferences, he has no height preference, his age preference is 27 to 37, he is open to all races, and he loves kids. He said “I am never going to meet the kind of ladies you are talking to me about on my own.” I have some great matches for him.

For the last two weeks I have been in the social media world of Facebook (personal and business) and Linkedin. I have a computer genius, or so she seems to me, helping me. I went from 82 friends to over 400. I have had a personal Facebook page for a year but I did not do anything with it and evidently hundreds of people were wanting to be my friend. She said I should add all of them. She clicked and clicked and clicked until a warning came up from Facebook which said I might be abusing the system and annoying others. She said it was their way of controlling how many people you can add at one time. I have mixed feelings about my experience so far. It has been very time consuming and I am on my computer three or four hours a day. I tell myself this is a learning curve and I will learn to balance it better but every click leads to another click and it feels like there is no end. It is another world where everyone tells everyone to “LIKE” them. It reminds me of what Sally Fields said in her acceptance speech for the Academy Award, “You LIKE me, you really LIKE me.” She was ahead of her time. I will keep you posted on my journey into never, never land.

To be continued………….