July 31, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, early 50’s, ABS (always been single) highly educated, no children, and her long term goal is marriage. Her last serious relationship ended three months ago and lasted a year and a half. There is nothing like a serious relationship to remind you how nice it is to have someone special in your life. People can be single for years and then someone comes along and captures their heart and they realize what it feels like to feel close, be connected, and they want have that again in their life.

She is easy going, outgoing, open minded, loves to travel, enjoys volunteering, snowshoeing, theater, concerts, and personal growth workshops.
She was a caregiver for her parents and had to put her personal life on hold for seven years. Now she has the time and the desire to make her personal life a priority, which is why she called me.

I shared information with her on several men I think would be good matches for her and she asked a million questions. She is going to think about it and give me a call by the end of the week. My gut feeling tells me she will probably follow through and be a new client soon.

My second appointment was a double header. Two good girlfriends who came in for the interview together. I don’t do this very often because I ask a lot of personal questions in the interview about past relationships, who chose to end the relationship, and why, income levels, etc. But they assured me they knew everything about each other and I could ask whatever I wanted.

These two ladies, early 50’s and mid 50’s, are both divorced, have grown kids, and they met through a mutual interest, “cutting”, when they were both going through a divorce at the same time. I have never heard about “cutting”. The way they explained it is that you have horses, very expensive horses, who are trained to stop a cow from getting to the other cows at the end of the arena. My explanation is probably way too simplistic, but, according to them, this is a rich man’s sport, and very specialized. They said it was like doing the ballet on horses. They have both done it for years, and there is some very handsome prize money involved for the winners. Bottom line, a man best like horses to be a good match for either of these ladies.

My hairdresser has been telling me about the one of these ladies for a few years and trying to get her to call me, but, it was not until her friend went to my website and called me that they both came in today. It was a most interesting interview. They are both beautiful, fit, financially secure and emotionally available to meet the right person. It will be fun to share this experience with both of them. After the interview we went to the Ritz and bonded. They are fun ladies ready to meet the right men!

To be continued……..