July 5, 2011

My first appointment is a man, mid 30’s, ABS, educated, self employed with a very successful business, his long term goal is marriage and children. He is a likable fellow, for sure, but a little cocky. He said “I don’t have any trouble finding women to date but I want to find a lady to marry and have kids with, not just someone to date.” I said “Well, you have come to the right place because the ladies who join Perfectly Matched are also serious about finding someone special.” He said “I always thought I would be married by now and have a couple of kids already. I don’t want to waste any more time because I would like to have as many kids as possible.” I said “How many kids would that be?” He said “At least four, and more would be even better.” He said “I have worked since I was 17 and my biggest motivation has been to make enough money to be able to afford a big family.” He comes from a big family and is very connected to his parents and siblings. He went online to explore dating services and ended up at my website reading Donna’s Daily Dairy. He said “I like everything I read on your website except that you don’t show pictures and I have to be honest with you, I think attractive ladies would not need to go to a dating service.” My response to that comment is always the same, “You’re here.” He then proceeded to tell me about all the things he has to offer, great income, nice home, lots of toys, he’s good looking, in great shape, and basically a great catch for some lucky lady. I said “One of the nice things about owning my own business is I can do whatever it takes to make this work for someone.” Then I showed him pictures of ladies I think would be good matches for him because I knew that was the only way he would believe me. I said “It’s easy to find someone you are attracted to but it is not easy to know if they are compatible, want kids, have shared interests, don’t smoke, are financially responsible and intellectually compatible, that is what I can do for you. Of course he picked the most attractive ladies and fortunately for him, he is a great looking guy so his expectations are not unrealistic but finding someone attractive in a picture does not mean you will necessarily find them attractive in person. I said “Trust my judgment on who you should meet and if I am wrong I won’t count her as a match. He said “You’re pretty sure about yourself and your abilities.” I said “That’s why I have been in business for 20 years with over 700 clients married and you are 35, and , by your own admission, getting nowhere.” When I shared the cost with him he said “What the heck, I could spend that on another toy.” He didn’t even read the contract, he just signed it and gave me his credit card.

My second appointment today is a lady, early 60’s, divorced, highly educated, retired, no children, and her long term goal is marriage. Although she is retired from her career, she still works a few weeks a year in the field of education. She is tall, thin, in great shape and very pretty. She works out three to five times a week, enjoys cross country skiing, hiking, reading, movies, dining out, travel, dancing and recently took up golfing. She has traveled to Europe, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Israel and would love to share some travel adventures with a special man. She is from the Midwest and has those old fashion Midwest values. She is a “6” in conformity and an “8” in religion and sharing her faith is important. She is also an “8” in temperament, very easy going, and a “4” in finance. At the end of the interview she said “ I feel confident I am going to do this but I would like a few days to think about it.” I said “What a surprise” and pointed to her temperament score (has to think about it) and her finance score(very budget minded). She said “It is weird that you know so much about me from that short test and these six scores.” She reminds me of Grace Kelly, elegant, very classy and my gut feeling is that she will be a new client soon.

I have three appointments tomorrow, all referrals from previous or current clients. One of them was referred to me by a client who has not had much success with her matches so far and she told her friend, “Call Donna, she has not found the right man for me yet but I am too picky and I know it.” I always appreciate referrals but especially from someone who has not had much success “yet”..I loved the “yet”.

To be continued……………………….