June 11, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, mid 40’s, highly educated, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage. She always thought she would have children and, although she no longer thinks she will have children of her own, she is open to adoption if she has a partner who is also interested in adoption.

She said “I love kids. One of my motivating reasons for getting into the field of education was to work with and help kids. I have nieces and nephews who are a huge part of my life and one of my greatest joys. Maybe I was meant to be a great aunt instead of a mother.”

She was born and raised in the south, and has a delightful accent. After about the fifth time she said “Yes ma’am” when I asked her a question, I had to laugh.
I said “I was raised in the south too, so I understand that it is a part of your upbringing, but every time you call me “ma’am” it makes me feel like your grandmother.”
She said “I’m sorry it’s just something I do.”
I said “Don’t be sorry, I’ll get used to it.”

She has been an athlete all her life, golf and tennis are two of her favorite sports and she was a life guard in college. She graduated from the same college as her parents and she is a very loyal alumni.
She would enjoy meeting someone who likes to hike and camp. She grew up hiking and camping and has yet to be with someone in Colorado who wants to also hike and camp. She is well traveled and likes to take one big trip a year, usually out of the country. She also loves going to concerts.

She said “I would like to meet a man who is driven, motivated, and financially responsible. In both of my long term relationships I have made more money than they did and it was a problem. I don’t need a rich man but I want an equal partner. It would also be nice to meet a man who is at least 5’9. I was taller than both of the men in my long term relationships and they never wanted me to wear heels. I have to wear heels in my job and I like wearing heels.”

She is very sweet, an “8” in temperament on a scale of “0” to “10”, and very out going, also an “8” in sociability. She is also pretty, fit and has a great smile.
We already agreed on the man who will be her first match. She has the summer off and is ready to get started!

My second match is a lady, early 40’s, educated, divorced, and her long term goal is marriage. She is a very busy single mom, working and raising her kids.
I met her through a mutual acquaintance a year ago and she initially booked an appointment to meet with me in April of 2012. However, she realized she was not ready to start dating at that time.

She said “Last year when you asked me if I was emotionally available and in the right frame of mind to meet someone new, I realized I wasn’t. I am in a much better place now and ready to at least start dating.”

She is a Colorado girl, born and raised, and was a stay at home mom until her kids were in school.
She said “My mom was a stay at home mom and I always knew that was what I wanted for my kids. I have great kids. They are athletes and good students and I am so proud of them.”

I asked her about her interests and activities and she said “I believe in everything in moderation. Raising my kids and participating in their sports and activities is a full time job, in addition to my job. I was into sports all my life. I exercise and know the value of a healthy lifestyle.”
She enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, volleyball, and some travel.
She said “I have been to the fun places, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas’s and I would love to go to Europe.”

When I asked her if she had an income preference as for as a man is concerned she said “It my last relationship, he was very wealthy. There are definitely advantages to that but I don’t want to meet a man who is driven by the dollar. I like a man who is smart, capable, and intelligent, those qualities matter to me more than his income, as long as he is financially responsible.”

She is very petite, fit and beautiful but she does not seem to be hung up on physical attraction.
She said “He doesn’t have to look like Mr. GQ, being a good father matters to me more than what he looks like.”

When I was leaving my office a fellow who works in my building stopped me and said “I saw a couple of the ladies who walked out your of your office today. Are you having a beauty contest? I don’t understand why someone who looks like them would have to go to a dating service.”

I said “For the same reason everyone comes to see me, they are looking for LOVE, and not meeting the right men on their own.”

It has been hard to do business as usual today with the awful fires that are raging all over Colorado. My heart goes out to everyone who is being affected, and especially those who have lost their homes. I love Colorado and Colorado Springs and it breaks my heart for our community to have to endure this again after last year. I guess we can just hope and pray for the best and that it will be over soon.

To be continued……