June 12, 2012

My first appointment today is a client, a man, late 40’s, coming in to reconnect after a two year relationship has ended. I did not make the match, but she did take my profile test and there were a couple of huge differences in their scores.

He said “I should have paid more attention to what you said about our scores. The two areas where we are incompatible are the two main reasons this relationship did not work.” He is an “8” in affection and she is a “5”, and he is a “4.5” in finance and she is an “8”.
He said “In the beginning she was very affectionate, but the last year there was very little intimacy. I was always the one initiating it and there was no excitement or passion. And as far as the finance score, she never had a budget, always spent more than she made, and was constantly needing a “loan”, which never got paid back.”

He waited three months to call me and become active again and this time around he is going to pay more attention to the scores.
He said “I was so attracted to her that I thought I could make it work, but I want an affectionate woman who enjoys intimacy as much as I do and I cannot respect someone who is financially irresponsible.”

We already agreed on the lady he will meet next, and you can bet that the affection scores and the finance scores are right on.
Oh, and she is very pretty. You can have it all if you stay FOCUSED!

My second appointment is a man, late 50’s, divorced, educated, semi-retired, grown children and grandchildren, and his long term goal is a serious relationship.
He said “I have already been married twice and at this stage in life I cannot see myself making that commitment, BUT, I want a committed, monogamous, relationship that will hopefully last ‘til death do us part.” I told him it is not at all uncommon in this age range for people to not want to be married again, even traditional people.

When I asked him his age preference for a lady he said “35 to 45.”
I said ”Your oldest child is older than 35.”
He said “I am more attracted to younger women.”
I said “57 would be younger than you.”
He said “You know what I mean, I HAVE to be attracted to her.”
I said “And she HAS to be attracted to you. Why would a woman who has everything to offer that you are looking for want to be with a man 23 years older?”
He said “Come on, Donna, it happens all the time.”
I said “I know, you told me your second ex-wife is 20 years younger than you and she left you for a younger man. That happens all the time, too.”
He laughed and asked me what I thought would be the right age range for him.
I said “48 to 62. Ten years younger, and even a couple of years older, if you find her attractive.”
He said “I cannot see myself with a 60 year old woman!”
Without saying a word, I went through my files and laid out one, two, three, four, five pictures of women who are 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60.
He said “How did you do that off the top of your head?”
I said “I know my clients. Do you find these women attractive?”
He agreed he found four out of the five attractive, and picked two he would be interested in meeting.
I said “I can introduce you to one of them, but I am not sure the other one would be interested because you don’t meet her height preference.”
He said “You’re TOUGH!”
I said “No, I’m a matchmaker, and I hate to see you limit yourself unnecessarily.”
He is going to trust my judgment when it comes to the age, and he is going to have much more in common with the ladies closer to his own age.

He enjoys golfing, cooking, traveling, reading, and long walks. He has a dog that he takes with him most of the time, and he wants me to share that information with whomever I match him with, and wanted to know what I thought about him taking the dog along.
I said “What kind of dog?”
He said “A small terrier, about 15 pounds.” I told him I would share that information and let him know individually how each lady responds. I asked him if it was a show stopper if she preferred he not bring his dog.
He said “Love me, love my dog.”

I love my job!

To be continued………..