June 9, 2012

My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s, divorced, educated, self employed, no children, and her long term goal is open ended.
She said “I have no preconceived notions about what can evolve with the right person. I am open to many different scenarios, whatever works for both of us.”
She has land in the mountains about an hour from Colorado Springs where she will eventually build her dream home, but she is in no hurry.
She said “My dream home definitely has a man in it, and I think it would be wonderful to find a man to share my dream, contribute his ideas, and make it “our” dream home.”

She has a lot of flexibility with her job which gives her time to travel frequently.
She said “Most of the men that I have dated have not had the time to travel. It would be great to find someone who can take off for a couple of weeks a few times a year.” She has travel all over the world, but she is especially fond of Italy and the Caribbean. She also enjoys road biking, hiking, cross country skiing, tennis, theater, concerts, the arts, gardening, home remodeling and cooking.

She said “The main reason I decided to call you is because I have thought about it so many times and I think the fact that you have managed to stay in business for over twenty years is impressive.”
She has tried a couple of the online services for the last few months and her complaints are similar to what I hear from others who have done the online services, “Time consuming, ineffective, people aren’t honest, they don’t live here, and they don’t look like their pictures.” She also met a number of men who appeared to be serial online daters, having done it for years and always thinking that the grass is greener somewhere else. One man told her he had met over two hundred women in the last three years.
She said “I asked him why he had not met anyone he was interested in and he said he was very picky. I did not want to be him three years down the road, which is another reason I called you.”

She has very lively scores, easy going, very outgoing, nonconforming, very affectionate, spiritual, as opposed to religious, and she enjoys the good things in life.
She said “I pay for half for everything in a relationship so we can do twice as much, but I don’t want someone to take advantage of me financially.”

It is usually men who offer me a bonus if I find the right person but I knew she was going to be a bonus lady when she started with “Donna, you find me the right man and I will double your fee.”
I said “You told me you have lots of single girlfriends, send them in my direction, and that will be my bonus.”
She said “I’ll send you my girlfriends AFTER I get my man so I get the first shot at them.”

Deal! I get her matched and then I get her girlfriends.

My second appointment is a lady, mid 50’s, divorced, no children, and her long term goal is marriage. She was referred to me by a man who was a client 11 years ago. He is happily married, but I did not find his wife. Because I never throw anything away, I looked him up and his last comments to me 11 years ago were “Donna, you helped me get back out there and learn more about myself and the type of lady I would be most compatible with, and although you did not make this match, I feel that coming to see you was my way of letting the universe know I was serious about finding someone then she came into my life.” Now I get to help his friend.

She is training for her second triathlon, and the last one was twenty years ago.
She said “This time it is not about now fast I finish or how good I do. It’s about being supportive to the two people I am doing this with and if they fall down or need help, I will be there for them. I don’t care about finishing. I care about sharing the experience with them.”

She is taking ballroom dancing lessons, loves to hike, swim, cook, read, enjoys music, the symphony, and foreign movies.
She has lived a large percentage of her life outside of the US, and loves the lifestyles of Europe and South America. With the right person, she could easily see herself living outside the country. She is very strongly service oriented and loves helping those less fortunate. She is a strong believer and would like to meet a man who is also a strong believer.

When I asked her what was physically important to her as far as a man is concerned she said with NO hesitation “a nice ass.”…Not exactly what I expected to hear considering her traditional scores, but I guess just about anyone can appreciate a nice ass.

To be continued…….