June 14, 2011

My first appointment is a man, early 60’s, divorced, educated, grown children, and his long term goal is marriage. He has had his own very successful business for 40 years. He has taken a couple of years to learn more about himself and to better understand why his marriage ended. He said “When I meet a lady now one of the first things I would like to know is what kind of relationship she had with her father.” He was raised by a mother who taught him to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady. He said “I treat a lady like a princess.” Unfortunately, that has not worked out too well for him. As is often the case with successful men, he has been with beautiful women, but not women who have been right for him. He still wants a beautiful woman but he has come to realize he needs more than just a pretty woman. He said “I want an independent, professional, classy lady who is a good conversationalist, a good listener , a strong believer, and someone who is funny.” His scores are very traditional and his faith is very important to him. He enjoys golf, hiking, travel, concerts and sporting events. Although his children are grown, he has always enjoyed mentoring kids and still does. He has not dated since his marriage ended and his massage therapist told him about me. He said “Donna, I want to get this right and find the woman I will spent the rest of my life with.” He was very enthusiastic about the profile test and identified with his scores. He guessed what his ex wife’s scores would be and, if he guessed right ,they were incompatible in four out of six areas. He especially liked the fact that I can pinpoint that a lady is traditional and a strong believer with the scores. He said “I am not leaving this to chance anymore, it’s too important, and I am going to take all the help you can give me.” BUT….she does have to be beautiful.

My second appointment is a lady, late 30’s, ABS, highly educated, her long term goal is marriage and children. She is black and she is open to all races. She is very close to her parents and helps care for them financially. She likes to cook, bake, sew and enjoys movies. She is also into the arts, museums, amusements parks, bowling and sightseeing. She is about 40 pounds overweight but considers herself healthy. She said “I know my options will be limited because of my weight but I am built this way genetically and there is only so much I can, or want, to do about it.” She has a heart of gold and would be a wonderful mother. In her profession she works with severely handicapped children and loves her job. I do have a couple of men who appear to be good matches and if neither of them work out we will be waiting for the right man to walk through my door. I offered her less matches than my regular programs and she is a new client. She said “Well, I know he’s not going to walk through my door and I am still hopeful I can meet the right man and have a family.” Her scores say she is very easy going, a little shy, open minded, a romantic, and frugal. If she sounds like a lady you would like to meet, please give me a call and if you are a good match I will make a complimentary introduction.

My Dad is still in the hospital but they are talking about sending him to rehab tomorrow. We will be going to another rehab facility that is closer to his home and my brother will be coming to help when Dad gets out of rehab. This is the same brother who came last year at this time when my Dad got out of rehab for his fractured hip. When Johnny, my brother, went back to Florida last year he started working for Home Instead, an in home caretaking franchise and helps care for mostly older men, like our Dad. It has been a life changing experience for him because he is retired from being an executive for Fortune 500 companies and what he makes working for Home Instead barely pays for his gas. My Dad is glad he is coming because he knows how much he helped him last year. Dad said “I guess it has paid off to have all you kids after all and Johnny is the smartest one of you all.” I said “Thanks, Dad, you said that last year, too.” He said “You know what I mean, you’re a girl.” OK, that explains it.

To be continued…..