June 16, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, late 40’s, almost divorced, teenage children, her long term goal is a serious relationship and she would consider marriage but only after she has lived with someone before marriage. I enjoy working with clients who are just out of long term marriages or relationships and dating for the first time in twenty or thirty years. They are like babes in the woods. I was telling her about my “three month” rule, that I recommend you not be intimate with someone for the first three months. She said “You are kidding me, right? Three months before sex! Why on earth would anyone wait three months to have sex?” She is an “8” in affection so her response did not totally surprise me but when I tried to explain the reason why, she still disagreed. She said “OK, you say it takes about three months for people to be relaxed enough to be themselves and that is when you start to identify the things that do or don’t work, and once you are physically involved, you are emotionally involved, and it changes everything. What if I have sex and promise not to get emotionally involved?” I said “How about two months?” She is very funny and really open with her thoughts and feelings. She loves to cook and entertain and considers herself an excellent chef. She also skis, plays pool, tennis, snowmobiles, hikes, water skis, is a certified scuba diver, loves to dance, enjoys theaters, concerts and plays. She has worn many hats in her careers and has been very successful in her own business. She wants to travel, have fun, and explore her options and I am going to help her do all of that. She said “I don’t care if he’s short, bald, or overweight and I love goatees.” She was referred to me, by chance, by a lady who is a client. They sat next to each other at a tennis match and she encouraged her to call me. She said “One thing you can say about me is that I am fiercely loyal.” As she was leaving she asked “Do you wait three months to have sex?” I said “Do as I say, not as I do.” She said “I knew it. Nobody waits three months to have sex.” She will have to learn the hard way, pardon the pun.

My second appointment was one of the sweetest interviews I have ever had. He is a man , late 80’s, yes, 80’s, widowed, retired military and his long term goal is to “start with friendship and let it develop from there.” He is an “8” in affection and I pointed out that was a very motivating score for him. He said “Oh yes, I plan to be sexually active.” He also rides a three wheeled motorcycle, to Ft. Collins and back, with his daughter on the back. He has a motor home that he drives across the country every year and spends six months here and six months in a warmer state. He flew B 25’s in WWII in the SW Pacific and I told him my Dad also flew B 25’s in the SW Pacific. He said “What unit was he in?” I said “I don’t know, let’s call and ask him.” I called my Dad and he said “Was he in the 15th or the 7th?” As it turns out he was in the 7th and my Dad was in the 15th. He is the same age as my Dad but he is much healthier and looks 20 years younger. He has done a lot of traveling and would love to do more with a lady. When I asked him what was important to him physically as far as a lady is concerned he said “She should be pretty and not fat.” I told him on the phone I might have one match for him, a lady I signed up about three months ago who is 80. They are a great match for each other. She is widowed, her husband was military and she is very tiny. When I called to share his information with her she said “You know my husband was an officer and this man was enlisted.” I said “He retired at the highest rank of enlisted.” She said “I won’t get on his tricycle.” I said “You don’t have to get on his tricycle.” She said “What am I going to do when he’s gone for six months of the year?” I said “Why don’t you meet him and make sure you are both interested before you get too concerned about anything else?” I sold him just one match which is what I also sold her because I so admire that both of them picked up the phone and called me at this stage in their lives. She is an “8.5” in affection but she told me in the interview she does not plan to have sex anymore. I think I will let the two of them work that out.

My Dad went to rehab today and is doing great. I called my brother and said “I think he will be out sooner rather than later and you should book your flight.” Dad has been in two ER’s, two hospitals and two rehabs in the last two and a half weeks. I hope he gets to go home soon, he deserves it.

To be continued……………………………….