June 17, 2011

My first appointment today is a lady, early 40’s, legally separated, self employed, successful, no children and her long term goal “Is yet to be determined.” She said “I am not even divorced. It is hard to think about dating, never mind a relationship.” Before I book an appointment I always ask “Do you feel you are emotionally available and ready to move on?” They almost always say “yes” but, that is not always the case. She and her soon to be ex husband have agreed they will continue to “be friends with benefits” after the divorce. I said “That won’t work.” She said “Why not?” I said “Would you want to meet a man who has a “friends with benefits” agreement with his ex wife?” She had a dozen ways of rationalizing why she thought it would work. I said “Perhaps you can find a man who will be interested, but not at Perfectly Matched. Men don’t pay me money to match them with a lady who still has a sexual relationship with her ex husband.” I suggested she go online because today there is a dating service for whatever unique and special interest someone might have. She said “I think the men that come to your service would be too serious for me.” I agreed.

I went to see Dad at the new rehab facility, home, sweet home. I had a call last night and the nurse said my Dad had fallen. She said they walked in and found him on the floor and he swore he had not fallen. He dropped his little pulsar thing he uses to test his oxygen level and the batteries fell out. He was on the floor trying to get the batteries when a nurse walked in and assumed he fell. He said “She screamed FALL, FALL, and I thought she was screaming FIRE, FIRE, she scared the hell out of me.” He told them what happened, they checked him out, he seemed fine, and they got his batteries for him. Because I am POA for him they have to call me any time they think he has fallen. I said “He has 14 screws, two 12 inch rods in his back, a steel rod from his hip to his knee and now five cracked ribs, but sometimes he still reacts like he used to because he forgets all that is going on.” I told her I believed he was telling the truth and he did not fall. When I talked with him about it this morning he said “Hell no, I didn’t fall. I told them that but they had to check me all out to be convinced.” Then he said “I’ll tell you one thing, I am going to work my ass off to get out of here.” What a good idea!

I am taking a road trip to Carbondale tomorrow with my 8 year old grandson to visit my other grandsons who are 11 and 9. My daughter and son-in-law live in Carbondale and own a restaurant in Snowmass. It will be fun to be around all that energy after way too much time in hospitals the last three weeks. My grandson, Jacob, who lives here, was leaving the hospital with my daughter after visiting Dad the other night and Dad said “Hye, Buddy, why don’t you spend the night?” Jacob, politely said “No thank you Granddaddy Jack.” Dad said “Ah, come on , it will be fun. Ghosts roam the halls at night because people die here.” Jacob looked at him and said “OK, Jack!” Not Granddaddy Jack. He’s only eight and he “gets” him already.

To be continued……………………