June 29, 2013

My first appointment today is a lady, late 30’s, educated, ABS (always been single), her long term goal is marriage and she can go either way as far as having children.

She said “In my 20’s my career was my focus and at this point I am comfortable with the idea that I may or may not have children. Finding the right partner is what matters.”

She walked into my office on a Saturday morning and I was very impressed with, not only her beauty, but also how well put together she was. She had on a basic black summer dress, classic silver jewelry, a darling pair of three inch strappy sandals and a fabulous purse.

I said “Did you dress like that on a Saturday morning just to come see me?”
She laughed and said “No, after I meet with you, I’m going to the grocery store.” She explained that she loves wearing a dress in the summer when it is warm enough that you don’t have to cover up with a coat and, in general, she likes to wear dresses.

This is one sharp young lady. She has been very successful in her career and makes well over six figures. I don’t usually mention income when I write about my clients but when I asked her if she had an income preference as far as a man was concerned she said “No”.
I said “You told me you have had three significant relationships. Were they on a compatible level with you as far as income?”
She admitted that they were not. She also admitted that, although she did not mind, it was an issue with them.
I said “Compatible incomes are somewhat important because you want someone you can make the same lifestyle choices as you.”
She agreed it would be nice.

She enjoys running, working out, hiking, biking, movies, occasional concerts and shopping! She also loves to travel and her favorite place so far has been France.

In my opinion, she is model beautiful. She is African-American and open to all races. All of her significant relationships have been with Caucasian men.

She is fairly new to Colorado Springs. She can live anywhere there is an internet connection because she works from home when she is not traveling with her job.
I asked her if she planned to stay in Colorado Springs.

She said “I have been here for less than two years and I like Colorado Springs but I am ready to be married and settle down. If I end up going somewhere else because of a man I want to be with that is certainly a possibility.”

I would love to find her the right man and live happily ever after in Colorado Springs.

To be continued……..