June 6, 2011

Friday a former client walked through my door with his credit card in his hand. When I first met him he was in his late 30’s and he is now in his early 50’s. He is a peach of a guy. Divorced, no children, very successful and financially secure and his long term goal is marriage. He has started a new career that is even more lucrative and enjoyable to him than the first. His time is his own and he is loving life. The only thing missing is the right lady. I asked him if he plans to stay in Colorado Springs and he said “That depends on whether or not I can find the right lady.” It is that much of a priority for him and he might consider moving if it’s not happening. He enjoys golf, concerts, travel, the arts and skiing. I said “When I first met with you in 1997 you said you wanted to go to the Caribbean, have you done that?” He said “No” like he couldn’t believe it. I said “I should find you someone to go with you to the Caribbean.” He said “What a good idea.” I offered him half the program for half the price, which is what I usually do when clients sign up a second time. He said “No, charge me full price, it’s worth it.” I matched him ten minutes after he walked out my door and when I called him with her number he said “that was fast!” I said “You inspired me.” It wasn’t that he insisted on paying me full price as much as it was his enthusiasm that he feels confident he will meet the right lady. If you believe, it is much more likely to happen.

Dad is out of ICU and they took him off the epidural tonight. They are replacing the medicine in the epidural with pills in the hopes that he will be sufficiently out of pain enough to be transferred to the rehab center. He will be going back to Center at Centennial where he was this time last year when he fractured his hip. His 88th birthday is Sunday and he said “I am going to be back in the same place I was this time last year for my birthday.” It has been a roller coaster for the last three days and how he tolerates being off the epidural and on the pills will be the deciding factor as to when he leaves the hospital. As always, the fine line between medication and still being lucid is the balance that has to be achieved. Tonight he was what we refer to as “loopy” . He said “I know you can tell by my tone of voice, am I “loopy?” I said “Well, you are not too loopy to ask that question so try to forget about everything and just go to sleep.” He said “I think I am going to sleep and I think the pain will be OK.” I said “Good, the power of positive thinking always helps.” Then I hung up and cried.

To be continued…………………….